Signs of God

GOD is alive alive forever more and He never changes with time. He is all Powerful and Holy and To him belongs the Glory, Power and Honor!!!!

My friends here is a news fresh as yesterday which just filled me with awe of God again!!

Join me in Praising God for Who He is and let our hearts be filled with Worship for our Lord!!!

The News can be read from this link (Dont forget to watch the video link) –

There is a locust plague which has struck Egypt for the past several days and it at a right time – THREE WEEKS BEFORE PASSOVER (Like the one mentioned in the bible)

Answer few questions after you’ve read some fresh news –

1) As God called Israelite’s to come out of Egypt to worship him, he made them see miracles but still they were stiff necked and never revered the presence of God!! Are we like the Israelite’s of that day??? or are we ready to move out of Egypt to WORSHIP and HONOR him in our lives ?????

2) Are we on our way to the promised land but GRUMBLING that we don’t have MEAT/FOOD/WATER?

3) Do we know that GOD is the BREAD of LIFE and The LIVING WATER?

If our answers can satisfy us lets continue to do the same we are doing! If not lets make an effort to SEEK the LORD and feel HIS PRESENCE!!!


Some interesting pictures to know the magnitude of the plague and Gods POWER!!





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