You enter through the door!


I have been hit again by my intense curiosity and eagerness, to understand and know who is GOD??? Being brought up in a Protestant Indian Christian family, I read the Bible, regularly attended church, accepted Jesus as my personal savior! However, I have always been the doubting Thomas of my family.

Few weeks ago, I started reading a LOT on the concept of God, the different religious views, the origin of religions. My faith in Jesus Christ was questioned for the FIRST TIME in my LIFE!! Information overload due to excessive reading laid heavy on my mind and I was like a land devastated by flood!

Soon the sun came up and left my heart dry and in the dryness of my soul, one night I heard this story in my head!

There was a beautiful house, and God was inside it, multitudes of different race, caste and creed were surrounding that house!!

The ones seeing the backyard which had a beautiful garden filled with beauty of the nature, thought God was nature and began worshiping the nature – The sun, trees, the moon, the wind, the fire etc…

The ones who saw the people in the front close to the house, thought mere humans to be Gods!

The one who saw the glittering lampposts and pillars around the house, set their hearts to believe in man made idols of gold, silver, bronze, wood etc

The ones who got no view of the house said, there is no God!!

But there were few who went into the house to know God and to have a personal meet with him! They had to pass through the DOOR to meet him, because they could not enter through the pillars, or through the backyard or through the window panes!! The door is JESUS CHRIST, He is the son of God who can take you and me to God!!

John 14:6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me


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