The account of King Saul and David is very tricky and at the outlook it is easily understood but still this time when I read through it I learnt something about the choices we make in our everyday life and definitely there was so much for me to reflect personally!

Saul longs to KILL David all through his life, and his motive behind this murderous intention was mainly because of something we all know very well!

  • JEALOUSY (Israelites praised David for being more victorious than Saul – I Samuel 18:7)

While David always had a chance to bring harm to the king but he did not do so because of

  • The FEAR of GOD (David says “The Lord forbid that I should do such a thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed, or lay my hand on him; for he is the anointed of the Lord.” I Samuel 24:6)

Both of them were anointed by the Lord through the prophet Samuel. But both of them made use of the anointing in a different way, they made different CHOICES and their own CHOICES were responsible for the consequences they had to face!

Saul’s Choices

  • Samuel makes a choice to be IMPATIENT (I Samuel 13). He acts based on his feelings and thinks if he offers sacrifices to the Lord, which was supposed to be done by Samuel he would win God’s favor. Samuel rebukes Saul for such an act as this coz, God had commanded that the sacrifices to the Lord be made by the ones he’s chosen. But Saul’s IMPATIENCE based on His own FEELINGS leads him to DISOBEDIENCE!! Which ultimately made God reject him as the King of Israel
  • Samuel repeatedly tells Saul and the people of Israel to serve the Lord with ALL their heart, but Saul makes a CHOICE to give his heart away to material possessions. When he goes to war against the Amalakites, Samuel orders that he destroys everything but then Saul keeps the BEST of the sheep and the cattle, and he justifies saying he did not destroy the best so that he can sacrifice to the Lord!! (I Samuel 15) This comes as a caution to our super religious Christian community when we say that we do it all for God but our motives our selfish!!
  • Saul is tormented by a harmful spirit (I Samuel 16:14) and David comes to his service to soothe his pain and relieve him. Again he has a choice to change, repent and walk rightly before God who is so merciful, but then he makes a willful CHOICE to satisfy his human voice, the voice of JEALOUSY and intends to kill David
  • Many times he says that he’s done wrong and repents (Doesn’t this sound so much familiar with us today) but then he CHOOSES always to go against the Lord and that leads him to a tragic death

David’s Choices

  • David is presented with many situations where he could take Saul’s life, however on the contrary though he was right, he waited patiently waited for the Lord’s judgement. (Oh how often we love to get into the judgement seat and take impatient decisions that costs us!)
  • David did sin, one that is mentioned in the Ten commandments – the sin of adultery (Bathsheba). However, when Nathan the prophet approaches him, he makes a CHOICE to repent and asks the Lord not to cast him away from his presence, not to take away his Holy Spirit.. (Psalms 51)
  • And God our ever merciful Lord, in all his mercy grants him the honor of being born in his lineage

What a contrast between Saul and David. Today I know for sure we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But we have the access through faith in Jesus Christ to get right with him once again.

The world may point out our mistakes time and again. You own people may tell you how treacherous and sinful you are. Probably you are drowned in your guilty feelings… No matter what when we seek him, HE is willing to restore to us the Joy of His Salvation

All said! CHOICES need to be made in the light of the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT!! Or else we will have to face its CONSEQUENCES!!


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