Unconditional Love

As a child I perceived the things I see

To be the most vital elements of happiness

Colorful candy, the fragrant flower

The perky butterfly, they all brought a smile

As a juvenile I assumed love to be an expression

When I got whatsoever I wanted from somebody

I rolled into my teens and I understood

Things unseen may perhaps be foundations of pleasure

I raced my thoughts open wide and did learn

Jealousy, pride, ego are all immoral

While I held love, truth, justice in high regard

Love seemed an intense attraction for a man

Adulthood caught up before I thought I need to grow

Just then did I realize I was already surrounded by weeds

Novel challenges spun new opportunities

And love seemed to be a distant dream and so unreal

Caught up with the racing world and tasks

Nothing appeared constant so did love

Motherhood I thought would help me understand love

Oft cited example of unconditional love but

It seemed so erroneous to me

I did love my little angel, but amidst frustrations

Sleepless nights, bodily feebleness and emotional stress

Merely deflated my connotation of love

Everything defeated me and left me unloved

Dissatisfaction left me with a feeling of emptiness

I turned to the one and only option that could gratify me

JESUS was the name resounding within me

He is the only source of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Truly He satiates us like no other

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good


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