Two Sisters

I have always admired the Bible for ages

Primarily for the way it comes alive each time

Today was the turn of the two significant sisters

Countless times I’ve read about them but this time

The revelation brings me down to my knees

Martha and Mary were loved immensely by Jesus

Martha radiated her duty through the eyes of the world

She was caught in the scuffles of household chores

While Mary outlines service at the feet of the Lord

Dissimilarity dint separate them from the love of God, the two were loved


Together they acknowledged Jesus as their Lord

Mary chose the right thing, but Martha caught up with her

Sisters claimed that everything is possible with God

Their faith was beyond imagination

And brought their dead brother alive! Hallelujah

Mercy and Grace are our heavenly provision

Like Martha’ites our eyes are off God and on the world

Sin entangles us still His great mercy saves us

As Mary’ites we probably are incapable and unworthy

Yet His Grace finds us and satisfies us with good things

Additional Reading for Understanding
Luke 10:38-42
John 11

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