The topic I want to talk about is Idolatry, however I have something else I want to address in this post! It is about something I got convinced recently. I thank God who always sheds his light on things we are confused about through the leading of the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!

I was going through some blogs of non Christians and who think Bible is not true and its just another fiction and they love to find faults with the Bible. There are numerous people who believe that bible is full of errors. I questioned myself how could I not see the deviations in the Bible and I as always started asking God to enlighten me about this issue – How can God’s word be full of errors!!
I Praise God for helping me understand – Holy Bible as we all call it, has been translated and passed down to us through ages and there are many many errors with every translation done by man! Beyond translational errors, its still considered to be the Living Word of God because NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God. Bible talks to different people at different times and its not the Book or the papers but its the leading of the Holy Spirit that enables us to understand the Word of God and His secrets are revealed to us when we seek Him!

So I began to read the Bible without questioning its validity but by seeking its Power!

Back to the topic on Idolatry !! Trust me its worth knowing more about Idolatry because its humbles us and makes us better children of God!

When I was kid, I was taught not to worship or bow down to man made Idols, I was told not to eat food offered to Idols etc etc… I was under the Law!!!

When I grew up to be a teen, I was told that anything that takes our highest priority displacing God from the first place is an Idol, for example video games, tv or friends. I also was convinced that if we spend more time on something we are again falling into the same sin as that of Idolatry!

After 25 years, I hated Idol worship, but the day God convicted me of the sin of Idolatry I was living in I felt even worse!!!

What is this IDOLATRY that I’m talking about??

I Samuel 15:23

New International Version

For rebellion is like the sin of divination,
and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.
Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
he has rejected you as king.

English Standard Version

For rebellion is as the sin of divination,
    and presumption is as iniquity and idolatry.
Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
    he has also rejected you from being king

This is an amazing quote by Prophet Samuel to the denounced king of Israel, Saul when he disobeys God’s Word… Take note of the words used – “Arrogance” and “Presumption” is equated to Idolatry!!

We all probably know Arrogance is offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride; haughtiness.

I thought Presumption is some thing to do with assuming (well I did assume :P) The meaning of the word Presumption is behavior or attitude that is boldly arrogant or offensive

Having known these words I’m sure we will all have to fall on our knees and confess how we’ve been Idolaters for long!!

  • Thousand times I’ve felt overly important about myself and I placed myself up above God… Lord Forgive Me!!!
  • Million times I’ve did things very boldly without listening to the still silent voice of God…. Lord Forgive Me!!!
  • Zillion times self pity engulfed me and I didn’t realize I was placing ME above God’s will.. Lord Forgive Me!!!
  • Myriad times I’ve felt I was right and everyone else was wrong sometimes God too….
    Lord Forgive Me!!!

Lord Forgive me because I have been an Idolater all my life. Pride and arrogance is when we place OURSELVES before GOD and we are driven by Self than by God!! And trust me this is a bigger sin than adultery or murder… Coz when we commit adultery or murder we sin against our fellow men but when Arrogance strikes us we place ourselves above God and are Idolaters and we sin against God!!!

Next time I begin to think I should go ahead and do something (sometimes like Saul I might be saying I’m doing things for God and I know it all!!) I resolve to ask God to lead me, unless he leads me I resolve not to do!!!

I do not want to make myself an Idol!! God is the centre of my life and not me!! Hallelujah!!


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