There is Power in the Blood!

Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow?
There’s power in the blood, power in the blood;
Sin stains are lost in its life giving flow.
There’s wonderful power in the blood.

There is power, power, wonder working power
In the blood of the Lamb;
There is power, power, wonder working power
In the precious blood of the Lamb

A hymn sung in most churches around the world! I’m sure Lewis Edgar Jones, the writer of this song knew the power in the blood of Jesus, enabling him to pen this song so beautifully!!

Well, Last month we shifted to our new house and for a working mom like me, it was difficult to manage everything at a time… So every weekend happened to be the best time to unpack, clean and arrange the house! And this weekend was the last and I reserved it for the Kitchen.. On Friday night I soaked all the small, the big, the medium bottles, some plastic, some glass and some others were steel… Soaked them all in some detergent solution…

I haven’t used my kitchen for the past three months so had no clue what was there in each vessel!  Among all the cans and bottles, there was a steel can which terrified me the moment I opened… To my shock it was Formless, Black and I couldn’t identify what I had stored in that particular can. I usually do not like to clean the dirty vessels or anything which had a lots of dust, my habitual act would be to trash it away and buy a new one… But for the first time I thought I would clean it!  I dint have the courage to do it right away, but i soaked the dirty black steel can with the detergent solution…

The next morning I was at work cleaning all the bottles and drying them up and kept the “black and dirty” one for the last.. I assumed it was the ragi floor… But to my surprise when i emptied them to clean, it was the CASHEWS from Goa a year ago which were stored in that can. The cashews were all rotten, fungus had grown over them, they lost their form and were all ruined and stinking!!

I took extra effort and cleaned them up and the vessel was again like the others which were not full nor rotten yet dusty!!!

As I was cleaning all the vessels, I learnt something about the Power of JESUS Blood and began to hum the song “There is Power Power Wonder working Power in the Blood of the Lamb”

Well, what was that learning that made me sing the song – All of us like vessels are dusty outside (sins like lying, addictions could physically harm us), or maybe rotten inside (with pride, jealousy, anger, evil thoughts, adultery etc).. Empty or full, over a period of time after having lost connection with God, we go astray and we get stained and dirty with sin…

  • First learning – Its easier to clean the ones with a little sin, A strike or the comforting word of God could lead us to repentance and we may be retrieved to our original image created by God for the ultimate purpose of worshiping Him in Truth and Spirit!!
  • Second learning for me was very shocking!! – By nature I tend to discard the ones which are too dirty and I like to begin afresh with new and clean things. But that day God taught me something: a little dirty or Completely ROTTEN, God has the power to clean us and retrieve us back to the normal self!! So dont test the power of God by saying will God ever save someone whom you think is the most unpardonable!! It is possible with God!! – That’s basically HIS AMAZING GRACE!!!
  • Third – Once cleansed and saved by his grace, it is impossible to say that we will not get dirtied or dusty again… The moment we loose our connection with God we might get back to our previous state. However, once saved, we need maintenance – Holy Spirit to connect us to God all the time and we need to use the detergent of Repentance almost every day before we go to bed and cleanse us so frequently that we don’t accumulate!!!

We are all Forgiven !! Hallelujah


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