~To FAIL and not FALL~

I’ve time and again fallen prey for riding high on my dreams!

I fantasy about things to come, too anxiously…

I start believing that my dreams will turn true

I involve myself rigorously in prayer

Asking God to help me with my dream

When the day dawns and I expect to win

In a second I know I’ve failed and my dream is untrue

Failure is one of the bitterest feelings of all

I toss and turn and for sure I turn against God

With my failure I’m bound to fall

But, I sense something very peculiar

A battle raging in my mind waging against my will

My broken heart is angry with God for my torn dreams

But in the silence of my heart, will and mind

I know I will fail but not fall away from the presence of God!!!


2 thoughts on “~To FAIL and not FALL~

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  1. God’s will persist in our life, success and failures are common… but my evarlasting god is same in every situation of life… Your last statement is absolutely perfect” I know I will fail but not fall away from the presence of God” this is very true… Every odd thing in our lives has an assured gift from god… i am sure God gives that gift to all those who are facing failures in their lives… Our hope is god who gives great things to those who rely on him.. Be reliant on god and expect great things which he is going to give.. May god be with u… Amen

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