The best thing that happened to me, after coming to the new house is – I enjoy the morning breeze walking through my open balcony with a cup of coffee or tea and I simply enjoy this and i get charged to start my day. I also use this time to mediate and pray although its short and I definitely know I have to move beyond this and have a more strong prayer life!

I usually get up between 6-6:30 when I have to pack lunch! Yeserday, May 29th 2013 was just a normal day.. I started my day with some short prayer and my time at the balcony… Since my daughter had cough and cold I decided to make some chicken soup and for us I just made some simple Chicken curry and plain rice!
As usual we were running out of time and my husband told me, I need to be out of the house in the next five minutes because the cab which takes us to work is already waiting for us!

I was ready by 8:25, and left home, it was an usual day at work. Something good that happened yday was the rains that cooled the temperature! We were back home just to find the BEST things happen to us because of God’s great mercy and grace!

My husband filled drinking water and kept drinking water for boiling on the stove, and I told him I will switch it off. While i thought i had put the burner off, I had actually lowered the flame and left it burning!! And when we came back at 8:30 i.e, after 12 hours, the entire water was evaporated and the vessel was burning hot!!! And in addition, I had left the geezer on after i had my bath! I can’t even imagine, how much damage could have been done because of our carelessness!

Its a miracle that happened yesterday …. A miracle is defined as an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently attributed to a supernatural, especially divine, agency. I believe it was God’s grace despite our human weaknesses and recklessness that saves us from great danger…

While I was driving to office in the cab, I was just thinking of something – Our faith today is based on our logic, our knowledge and our own wisdom and we think God can do certain things which our mind can comprehend and not beyond!!! And I want to leave all of us with this question – Do we have the faith in this wonder working, miraculous God to do greater things in our life than what we perceive???


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  1. Its amazing to read and hear such incredible things that god do it in our day to day life. All glory to god alone. God bless you and your family abunduntly

    1. Yeah Abhishek… Just to add to our faith and to say its only God’s grace and prayers of my dear ones which kept us away from harm… The next day in my next lane, there was short circuit which led to fire and one girl died and many were injured.. When I was sharing this with my cousin, he was telling me, with both gas and electricity on for almost 12 hours, it is just God’s hand that protected you!! All praise and Glory and Honor and Thanks to God!

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