Could Israel be the next energy gaint?

Map of Megiddo - Jezreel License for Zion Oil & Gas

I never had the habit of reading newspapers, but when there was news about unrest in the middle east.. probably two years back in 2011, I always wanted to research on what exactly this is and my desire was to relate it to the Bible! Praise be to God alone who has heard my sincere prayers and opened my eyes! Though I may not fully understand, I believe that God is overall and I believe that every prophesy will come true!! As it says in Matthew 24:35 Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will never pass away!

Well, yesterday I was given a project on Oil and Gas Industry and as I was working on it I fell on something which absolutely awes me!! And reinforces my faith in God!

Everything today runs with energy, we cannot imagine our life without all the comforts we have today and that’s because we have exploited natural resources of oil and gas. And currently the world is talking about decreasing oil and gas reserves and increasing demand, which could change our tomorrow drastically.. Probably scenarios like only the rich could afford energy may arise!

In light of this situation, lets examine the state of Israel – There is a funny quote about Moses which says, he led the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years and brought them exactly to a place with no oil and gas, while its neighbors are energy exporters! Well, Israel only produces a minor portion of oil and gas for its energy needs and is dependent on exporting countries! In view of the current unrest in middle east, and surrounded by enemies Israel could face situations were it can be helpless but

The Bible prophesies that Israel will be blessed with oil!! The picture above clearly mentions the verses… Well, the prophecy will be fulfilled in the future… It has been found that there are oil and gas resources in Israel and scientist also have gathered and put together data which says there is so much available oil and gas (both conventional and unconventional sources) that Israel may become the next energy power house!!

Well, this could be just some information to us or it could ignite our hearts about OUR POWERFUL GOD!! Well, I’m definitely in awe of God’s beautiful plans and purposes!

We may not understand all the news and how God works! But we can LOVE THE LORD OUR GOD WITH ALL OUR HEART, MIND AND SOUL!!

Praise be to God!

P.S- If you are interested in knowing more about the prophecies and about oil and gas in Israel you can contact me…


9 thoughts on “Could Israel be the next energy gaint?

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  1. Praise be to God Alone.
    I really appriciate your effort of bringing forth the facts and co relating it with the Promises written in Bible. God has blessed you with good observation and analytical skills. use it more for his glory alone. I anticipate to see and read more such amazing facts and news.
    God bless you and your family abunduntly. Amen

    1. Thanks Abhishek

      Unworthy as i am, God choose me for a purpose and with all my heart I want to serve him till my last breath!

  2. Wow,,, Gud job as usual !! But here i must mention something!! One thing i have noticed is all ur writings don’t completely talk only about spirituality or religion. They strike a perfect balance between a practical thought and a spiritual belief. So no one can actually deny what u write. It makes even an atheist or a non believer think atleast once. Everybody can easily comprehend the way u put ur ideas. Straight to the point, very apt, very true, very dynamic too… U gotta publish all ur articles n young lady i own d copy rites πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    1. Dear Prashanti,

      I’m sure there are many who would have already done a lot of research on these things and have published them…. But not taking much credit, my vision is to tell people Jesus is coming soon again and i’m just showing them all some facts.. But it is the Lord who will direct them and save them!

  3. This reminds me of a video where an American pastor said that Israel could be the next Oil super power, but I just shunned him believing it could be one of America’s stunt against its enemy Middle East…
    May I ask the resource which supports your statement here, “It has been found that there are oil and gas resources in Israel and scientist also have gathered and put together data which says there is so much available oil and gas (both conventional and unconventional sources) that Israel may become the next energy power house!!”

    1. Hi I don’t know who are, if you could give me a little introduction it would be nice!!

      And regarding sources – I’ve gone through a couple of news items from Reuters, BBC news and some oil and gas company websites…

      Conventional gas discoveries at the Tamar and Leviathan basins could be a great source of energy for Israel…

      Non conventional resources like the oil shale discoveries have also been made

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