Two sides of the same coin!

Flip a coin and you know at a point it can be either head or a tail

Toss your life and you will see the same phenomenon

I saw a caring, loving and a kind person

But sooner realized one could become too possessive in love

Intelligence I  thought could make someone behave good

Well, I smelled intelligent people can be cunning as well

Have you noticed smart people could easily lie?

The good of “love” could be just the “lust” of bad

You either could be self controlled or full of selfish ambition

Peace could be turned to fits of rage, discord or even jealousy

Well you could bucket them all in two categories

You could either call them as the good’s and the bad’s

Or you could choose to say them as positives and negatives

No matter what you term them as you are with Paul on Romans chapter eight

Either you are controlled by your flesh or your controlled by the Spirit of God

There is always a war waging within us to choose between the two

Our actions can define who is controlling us – Flesh or the Spirit!


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