Eyes of the Lord!

I’ve been thinking of writing this post from a long time, however i couldn’t do so until today!

Well, I’ve been reading some of the toughest books of the Bible may be only historians would love books like Kings and Chronicles. But I pulled some courage to seek God’s guidance as I read the portions from I Kings 15: 1-24 and II Chronicales 13-16 on Jun 25th 2013..

[Well, I’m trying to follow the chronological Bible reading order for this year and it puts things in perspective, personally for me its a great way to read the Bible. Those of you who are interested to get a pdf copy of the chronological Bible reading plan can do so from this link  – www.esv.org/assets/pdfs/rp.chronological.pdf ]

Well, I Kings 15:1-24 talk about two kings of Judah ; Abhijah and his son Asa and their characteristics are summarized in the chart below –



  • Reigned for 3 years
  •  Reigned for 41 years
  • Committed all the sins of his father
  •  Did what was right in the eyes of the Lord
  • Was not committed like his forefather David
  • Was like his forefather David
  • Committed Idolatry
  • He expelled the male shrine prostitutes from the land and got rid of all the idols his ancestors had made
  • No mention about his last days
  • In his old age, his FEET became DISEASED

As I read I Kings 15:1-24 I had a question on my mind –  Asa, did everything that was right, he was fully committed to the Lord then why did he suffer from the feet disease at his old age???  While questioning I continued reading II Chronicles 13-16 to finish my bible reading for the day and I found the answer to my question there!! (Another reason chronological reading helps us reading Bible in context)

Well, II Chronicles 13-16 again talk about Abhijah and Asa’s lives in detail –


  • Abhijah in the beginning won a battle against Jeroboam king of Israel because he TRUSTS the LORD
  • However there is something significantly mentioned about him – He had 14 wives and 22 sons and 16 daughters.. Well, this says a lot about women and their influence.. Most kings and strong men have fallen or have been quoted in the bible to have been turned to other Gods by their women!! Well this is a topic I would like to blog some other time!
  • All I could conclude about this King is he fell for women and in turn worshiped idols which his women brought along!


  • Coming to Asa, well he was exactly opposite to his father. He began well, he served Judah for as long as 40 years.
  • He was committed to the Lord, destroyed detestable idols, asherah poles etc etc…
  • He was so committed to the Lord that even family dint come before God! He deposed his grandmother Maakah from her position as queen mother, because she had made a repulsive image for the worship of Asherah!
  • THEN WHAT went wrong with Asa???
  • The Bible says that  Asa enjoyed peace in the land for 35 long years! But in the 36th year Asa faced a threat from Baasha king of Israel, he reacted to this threat by seeking another kings help!!
  • Lo! This was were he fell, but God warned him through a prophet Hanani, but he never heard him rather got angry and threw him in the prison…
  • Unfortunately the moment God was displaced from the first position in his heart he kept failing!!  God afflicted him with a disease in his feet, so that he could turn to God and be saved! But the Bible says – “Though his disease was severe, even in his illness he did not seek help from the Lord, but only from the physicians” (How hard our hearts can be !!)
  • Asa trusted the King of Damascus to bring him Victory, Trusted the physicians to bring him Healing but did not turn to God who lead him for 35 long years !! Its a terrible thought to know how weak the human mind is, so strong to accept that the fallen man can be really really fragile 😦


  • Hanani not a very famous prophet says something to Asa when he chooses not to trust God which goes like this – “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him” (II Chronicles 16:9)
  • And this verse touched me like no other! Well, today if Gods eyes are going to and fro to see who is committed to him? Will we figure out in His list?? Are we committed to him???
  • Remember  Satan goes to and fro looking who to destroy; God is looking out for people who are committed to him and the good news is he is wanting to STRENGTHEN OUR HEARTS!!

Well, we have a choice to let ourselves be DESTROYED by SATAN or STRENGTHENED by GOD!!

Hmmm…  Remember EYES of the LORD are continuously searching for those who are committed to him!

Do you wanna be committed to God no matter what?????


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