Servant Leadership!

I know of a man who though a king was born in a manger

He lived at a carpenter’s house with not many luxuries

Parting the glory he once had, became a common man

I was thinking hard if there has been a time when he compalined

If he ever murmured about his earthly struggles

All I could find was that he always spoke facts but never grumbled

He said he dint have a place to lay his head, while the foxes have holes and birds nest

But he never questioned His Father, Why should I not have a bed?

I thought perhaps because he had supernatural powers it was easy for him

But, the secret was simply that he knew his purpose was to fulfill God’s will!!

When the people of the world questioned him he never argued!

Tough situations dint bother him, but he always gave solutions!

He trusted His father for four drachma coins from the mouth of the fish

Not to feast or have a heavy meal but to pay taxes and abide by the law

He choose twelve ordinary men to be part of his ministry

Taught them not with words but by acts even if it meant washing their feet!

Kings of kings and Lord of Lords was questioned by an earthly king

With all his glory he could have justified his calling but He chose few words

If today I’m called after this Great Man, do I reflect his character?

Do I grumble about my struggles or say May your will be done?

Do my actions speak volumes or my words make a jarring noise?

Have I recognized my purpose in life is to fulfill his will?



6 thoughts on “Servant Leadership!

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  1. This is truly beautiful. I write all the time about we should be looking to live out the plan He has for us and how He gifts us talents and such to use for His glory. I send out emails occasionally with extra stuff like these topics that are not on my blog. Would you like to get those? 🙂

      1. You are so sweet for checking on me. The pain has subsided a great deal. It does wax and wane though, so I continue my quest to healing. I thank you with all my heart for your prayers to God for me.

        Love in Christ,
        Ps – send me your email either here on my blog contact page or through my FB page and I’ll get you added to the list. 🙂

  2. Nice to hear that its subsiding… Hoping to hear that you are completely healed. This morning you were on my mind as one significant woman as the world is busy celebrating Woman’s day!!

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