Up and Down the stairs!

A normal walk down the stairs at my office, taught me a lesson about Christian Life.. Well, today was one of those most annoying days when things happen against my wishes and I was waiting for the lift (Btw my office is at the 8th floor) and among the 24 elevators non was worth waiting. So I decided to walk down the stairs! My mind which is always busy thinking multiple things brought a memory from the past as I was walking down the stairs. Initially when I joined office, I was overweight so I would climb up 8 floors since that was the only physical exercise I thought I could do! Well, it did help me I guess I lost 2 kgs :). After that I lost interest in climbing 8 floors everyday because its NOT AN EASY TASK!!!

As I was recollecting my past the voice within me kept telling me, how easy it was to climb down the stairs! No effort, you don’t feel the pain, the need for an escalator is not so much required while climbing down the stairs! But on the other hand to climb up, YOU need MOTIVATION, loads of energy, a concrete reason (for eg reducing weight like me :P) and you wouldn’t mind waiting for even 10 minutes to get an elevator to take you up!

Well, this could be the best illustration for Christians who want to live a Christian life as Christ lived! Let me explain a little further… Christian living is like climbing up the stairs, while climbing down the stairs can be compared to a worldly life!

Isn’t that true?? You need to forgive others, Love your enemies, Do good to those who hate you, Live by faith not by sight, Not steal, Not lie, No Jealousies, No Pride, Pray without ceasing, Rejoice always, trust God amidst storms… Uffff !! I’m already sweating… Gosh, If you’ve decided to live a Christian (Well, I’m not talking about those who claim or are called Christians!!) its as hard as walking up the stairs!! Be ready to breathe hard and sweat!

Well, down the stairs is very easy peasy.. You could do whatever you heart wants, gratify your selfish desires and life will go on probably you could never think there’s anything lacking in life and there’s no need for an elevator !!!!

Christian Life is indeed hard, nothing looks rosy, its not about being loved, it is to love, it is not about being understood, it is to understand (Well this was my college song that i sung for three long years but I guess it will take a lifetime to embrace this)!

So its hard, very hard to climb up!… Wait a minute before I finish my story! The good news is while we sweat and breathe hard lets be reminded of our elevator that is JESUS Chirst who will carry our burdens, share our sorrows and grant us comfort, peace and joy only when we deny ourselves and take up the cross which he has given us!

The cross at the shoulder weights lighter when we bear Jesus in our hearts! And makes our climb up from the earth to heaven seem beautiful!


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