Ask and Act

Kings and Chronicles are amazing books if read together in context.. Well, today Josiah is the man of my meditation. The bible portion for today’s reading was II Kings 22-23 and II Chronicles 34-35…

Who was Josiah?

He was the king of Judah and he was throned when he was just eight years old.. I’m wondering how he could have managed a nation when he was just eight… One thing I could carefully assume from the passages was that he was supported by a high priest (Hilkiah), and a secretary (Shaphan).

What kind of a man was Josiah?

Josiah, in his eighteenth year of his reign which means when he was 24 years of age he started to repair the temple of God! And during the reconstruction the high priest Hilkiah found the “Book of Law”. The moment Hikiah and Shaphan show the Book of the law to Josiah, he ENQUIRED of the Lord through a prophetess Huldah and then he REACTED.

  • His reaction was pleasing to God since, he began the process of sanctification throughout the nation. He emptied the nation of all the filth, the idols, the altars of the foreign gods, leaving no stone unturned
  • He also re instituted the Passover, the bible says (II Chronicles 35:18-19) that since the days of Samuel, there has been no passover which was observed as it was observed during the reign of Josiah. Observing passover was indeed a command laid for the people of Israel however, the kings forgot about it so did the people!

In everything Josiah did he was right, he followed the “BOOK of the LAW”

What was Josiah’s  end?

Well, I’ve heard of many preachers who talk about the great life he lived as clearly drafted in II Kings 22-23, while it just says he was defeated by Pharaoh Neco of Egypt.  Josiah died at the age of 39, such an early age.. Why? What could be the reason? Well, when we read II Chronicles 35:20-22 that’s where we can find why he was defeated. Pharaoh sends a message to Josiah, saying he was not fighting against Josiah but was fighting against the house of Judah at the Lord’s command. Josiah did not listen to what Pharaoh had said, he went ahead and fought and lost the battle… He should have done what he did when he found the Book of Law – “First ENQUIRED and then REACTED” but this time he REACTED first and his life ended!

Some meat for us to chew

  • A lot of times we do a lot of great things, we follow God’s commandments very seriously, we are involved in the mission God has sent us for, but amidst all that are we careful to listen to the still small voice of God??
  • Are we so much caught up with our own views about success or anything else for that matter and is our self will so strong, that we miss out on God’s commands or go against God’s will ??

In every situation FIRST ASK God then ACT!! Be Blessed!!


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