The “SEED”

This is a Poem I wrote in Aug 2009 titled “The SEED” based on my favorite Bible Portion Romans 12

I’m posting this now, because this blog is here to stay for a while and I want to make use of it 🙂

It makes me wonder to see a tree blossom and bloom;
The very thought that it all started in the gloom!!
So tiny and hard surviving the deep dark soil;
The Little Seed amidst darkness toil.
Suffers beneath to reap fruits of awe and wonder;
By the passerby’s who stop and ponder!

Every Life is a soil with many a seeds;
Grown along with deadly weeds!
Seeds of Love to be nurtured within every heart;
That cant be destroyed or by money bought!
Weeds of Hatred and Bitterness are sown along;
By the evil one, shouldn’t be grown for long!

Joy and Peace are to be sown and reaped;
For every moment that passes by!
Patience has to survive the darkest circumstance;
While anger diminishes the very instance!
Pull out weeds of Jealousy and Pride;
Harmony blossom and bloom on every side!

Let every Good Seed survive the tempest drought;
And the end of all Evil Weeds sought!
Life becomes fruitful and all the more colorful;
Blooming all the way bearing new fruits every day!
Of Gladness and Shouts of Eternal Joy;
For the Harvest of sowing Good SEEDS we will Enjoy!!


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