Asset Productivity

It’s been a long time I had written a post since I was down on maintenance shut down :). And the topic on my mind is also based on my experience during the last couple of weeks.

Most of us today live in comfortable homes, having a desk job, and we have all our comforts met.. But I’m sure most of us do not know or seen how an oil and gas refinery looks like, which gives us petrol to travel around in our vehicles! From the day we start our day, we use so many products, chemicals which are processed in complex facilities or infact the electricity which is generated from huge plants…

Today many industries like the Oil and gas, Utilities (Electricity), Petrochemicals or Chemicals, Food manufacturing are in need of consulting services like Asset Productivity or Operational Efficiency.

What is the need and why is it important is a question for any common man unaware of the language of complex factories or machinery. Huge machines and infrastructure is needed to see that our lives are comfortable… With increasing population, mankind has invented sophisticated devices for a comfortable life. Every machine or factory is complex by nature which requires specialists to run it, and when its running day in and day out it requires MAINTENANCE. In today’s world top priorities for companies in these industries are –

1) Safety – There are variety of potential hazards and risks involved in working with complex machines and safety of workers is a concern

2) Maintenance – This is very important, if the factories and machinery are not properly maintained they can lead to devastating accidents and can cause losses to both mankind and equipment and in a larger perspective cause damage of the environment

An asset (be it a small machine or a complex factory) needs constant maintenance, and that’s why all companies have temporary planned shut downs to maintain the assets so that they are productive and do not have disruptions. Companies who do not proactively plan their maintenance shutdowns face either a disruption in services due to an overloaded system or short circuit or or unnoticed leakage.. Reasons could abound so companies within critical industries know the importance of asset productivity and are ready to shell out billions of dollars to help them keep their assets productive.

We as individuals are also ASSETS in this world, breathed by a powerful God for a purpose. Our lives cannot be productive if we do not understand this. We are created for a purpose and that is to fulfill God’s will in our lives. We are all COMPLEX too 🙂

ASSET PRODUCTIVITY is very important for our LIVES as well.. We all most likely assume we are all in good conditions because we are waking up each day and doing the things we should. We need to constantly keep removing the dirt settling within us it could be guilt, un-forgiveness, deep hurts, un-met expectations, “not so good memories” of the past. You could short circuit yourself and fume with anger if your exhaust has been filled with unresolved problems and miscommunication. Perhaps somewhere we’ve let ourselves be overloaded with too many commitments, it’s a sign of danger!  It’s important we have our own times of maintenance shut downs instead of having to bear with devastating irrevocable damages!

Best Practice: Begin each day with his grace as oil to keep us running efficiently and end each day with a shutdown, with his blood as a detergent to remove all stains!


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