Genetic germ!

Few months ago, it just happened that I met a striking lady around the same age as mine during my way back home on a pretty boring day. She was indeed appealing and she started off a conversation so instantly which made me open up to her without difficulty. She seemed to know a lot of me; I kind of sensed that I knew her from a long time. And to my wonder she did tell me that we were childhood friends. No sooner she said that we could relate to each other so well, and we caught up together like cotton and fire!

She took me through the past lanes, reminded me of my days bygone. My easily susceptible mind went back onto the memory lane and started walking each street. She slowly uncovered the deepest thoughts within me, it dint take too long for me to connect! And she quickly waved a bye and went away.

I went home as usual, did my usual chores and about to fasten myself down for the day – realized that my mind was running and my childhood friend, her conversation and the thoughts seeped in. Slowly I did try pushing it off but it came back more strongly. With lots of efforts I did succeed to rest in peace for the moment

The next couple of weeks seemed not so good, a busy life as a working mom! I tried to do a lot in too little time. Unreasonable expectations seemed to drill deep down into me sapping all my energy. One evening after a hard day at work, trying to work with numbers, data and analysis – I decided to sit back and have a chat with a friend. I glanced across my contacts and the most engaging number I thought was of my childhood friend I met recently.

“I, Me, Myself , It’s my rules, It’s my life” was the caller tune on her mobile, wasn’t very sure who was the artist nevertheless the song was enjoyable for the 30 seconds I guess.

On the other side, it was pleasing, agreeable voice; she showed a lot of interest in talking to me. She kept me elated and we spoke for an hour I dint feel how the time flew past. I felt relaxed after the call and felt a sense of satisfaction, basically she helped me see more of me and less of anything else.

Our conversations grew so strong, and she promised me she would always be there to talk to me, in fact she also suggested she would call me every day once I finish work – when I’m idle and doing nothing like a stone in a cab.

We exchanged dialogues and I smelled liberty with her, she helped me forget my responsibilities and my hardships. She seemed to help me uncover myself and I knew I liked the feeling. She had quite a lot of suggestions to make my life more beautiful, less burdensome.

Profound thoughts were aroused by this young adorable lady. She told me about myself, and how I need to wake my inner self to surround myself with all kinds of joys. Steadily and slowly I let myself loose into her and I saw myself talking like her, infact she also made me look as beautiful as her.

One day I invited her home and she readily came along. That’s when I realized that she was complicated and destructive and an inflated sense of her personal status or accomplishments. She was PRIDE!

“Proverbs 16:18 – Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Don’t let pride settle in, it gives a sense of satisfaction but in the end leads to destruction!


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  1. Yup… Fully Agree with this … Pride really goes before a fall…
    I have seen it and also experienced it…

    Very well written and reflected…

    Love the twist provided…

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