Piece 2 – JOY


It’s quite a difficult topic for me to write about, but I believe its God’s way of helping me spend time meditating about JOY as part of the fruit of the SPIRIT. I was at home the whole of yesterday and I tried to think about how JOYFUL I am as a person? And I was truly shocked to learn that I am not as JOYFUL as God intends me to be.

My life looks like this is, and I’m very sure my family would vouch for it!


Being an emotional person, I’m prone to being moody and my emotions depend on my situations and circumstances, and that’s not being JOYFUL and this is a sure area of improvement for me.  As I glance through my life in light of God’s word and joy as the filter  I find myself confused between being HAPPY and being JOYFUL! And Yes, I’ve learnt there is a huge difference between being HAPPY and being JOYFUL! And it is quite evident that being Happy is not a fruit of the spirit while being JOYFUL is. So whats the big difference??

Happiness is more likely an emotion which centers around SELF, which is expressed as a result of single/few event/s or happening/s. When our SELF is satisfied we are HAPPY, we spread CHEER and of course a broad smile :). Contrary to this short lived emotion – JOY covers a lot of circumstance and situations and happenings, and is about being CONTENT and CONFIDENT in the LORD!

Honestly, as I’m writing this post I must confess that I need to grow in the JOY of the LORD! And its very important for every Christian man and woman to know this. Despite our shortcomings, our struggles, our anxieties, our trials and ETC ETC… if there is something that keeps us not just alive but kicking – its nothing but the “JOY in the LORD” reminding us of GOD’s GOOD PURPOSES!

Too cut the long story short –

“Be happy but above all seek JOY

Coz Happiness is because of what happened yesterday

While Joy is about our Glorious Resurrection with Christ

Happiness is about looking within and around

Whereas, Joy is about looking UP and BEYOND!!”

May the JOY of the LORD be our TRUE STRENGTH!!



4 thoughts on “Piece 2 – JOY

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  1. Uuuuffff !!! Shud i appreciate u that u ve done a great job or shud i feel bad that i ve wasted enuf time in searching for happiness in and around me ?!! Better late than never!!
    I actually learn many things from ur writings… Proud of u.. !!!

  2. Thank you for differentiating Happiness and Joy! Truly a great blessing to read this article! God bless you! Prema

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