Piece 7: Faithfulness

De Matanza (DM) – By any chance did you get to see our manager around?!

Vino – Myself (V) – No! And the good news is he’s on leave 🙂

DM – Ohhhh that’s great news, I have no interest in doing any work today and dint want to meet him for the rest of the week. I’m quite smart, I don’t need 5 days to finish the project he gave me.. I think I’ll be able to do the work in a day or two so its time I go about catching up with some people around!

V – Hey cool!, I’ll join you too.. Cafeteria at 11:00 AM??

De Matanza – Catchya there! I’m going for some TT(table tennis) now

Jeongsin (JS) – Ladies, I’m sure you guys are smart but Mr Next Boss who sits among you all, will report about your absence and boss will know about it.. And over and above that – I don’t think you can complete the project in a day when boss has given you a timeline of 5 days, looks like you are in for some trouble

De Matanza – Hey you know what I don’t think we may complete it in a day, but we can prolong the timeline and keep telling him some white lies! The worst I can see happening is I will have to do some overtime to finish up my project.

JS – But isn’t that not what you’re supposed to do. You could lie to your boss, but work done in haste is prone to errors and you may get caught!

V – Hmmm what JS says is right, however I’m not in a mood to work, I’m not sure why… I definitely know procrastination is a thief of life but its ok at times!

The day goes by – talking, lazing around, gossiping and appearing as to work but with thoughts, chats and of course social networking! Somehow we manage to finish that bit of work with the help of JS before our deadline, we kinda manipulate things and get work done, but that’s definitely not the best we could have given. We were quite happy about our weekend with no pending tasks at hand. Do you know when women meet what they talk about – Shopping?? Clothes?? Accessories?? Other women who look better than them? Hubby’s? In Laws? Kids? Household chores?? Burn OUT??  Though we were from different cultures somewhere the roots of the most issues were similar!

Cranberry breezers, chips and marriage makes a perfect combination for a conversation to go for hours~

JS – I’m blessed to be married for 4 years – my husband is a great leader a wonderful husband, great son and an amazing father! We ain’t perfect, we do keep failing and falling but however, we’ve tried to make things work from our mistakes and we know for sure we will be able to put with the storms, the wind and the rain and the sun will surely shine!

DM – Ohhh I really envy you! Mine was a love marriage, I know my guy since 2001 and I’ve fallen out of love, because marriage is all about giving, giving and giving! There is no point in continuing with my life partner, who seems to be a dormant partner and it’s all about me trying to get things done! I tried and I’m giving up… There is nothing that satisfies me and I’m really really going to end this all!

V – Hmmmm … I see, may be you should take some tips from JS dear DM, probably she’ll help you figure out how you can work things for better.

DM – Nah nah… I’m not interested; I want to live my life my way! I don’t think marriage is charity where one keeps donating and the other benefiting without doing anything!

JS – Don’t get so negative, we all have a life to live and we need a purpose for it! Most importantly in a family life, it’s all about how you see that purpose. You are not getting what you want from this marriage, but could be that, all your family needs is you to keep going! Enjoy what you’re doing, look at things positively honey, everything will be ok…

DM – Cut the crap JS! I’ve seen enough and I don’t think I need advises at this point of time!

V – Guys I’m really sorry I just don’t know what to say.. I’m confused, I’m worn and I’m tired of your conversations! Leave me alone I don’t want to talk over something that’s pointless!!

This is an excerpt from the conversations that take place so often within my mind! De Matanza in Spanish means Carnal and Jeongsin in Korean means Spirit.. Well, if the Holy Spirit within us helps us bear the fruit – our carnal nature desires exactly the opposite! The fruit of the spirit which has an element of FAITHFULNESS is required in every aspect of our lives.  Faithfulness is one of the characteristic of God and it’s not easy! When I started thinking about Faithfulness, I was not sure what I wanted to write – with the ups and downs in my emotional calendar I found myself blank most of the times.

Faithfulness is ACTION, it is not a thought, it’s not future, and it’s not past it about DOING it RIGHT NOW, a choice to be made each and every passing moment! Faithfulness can be showed in the smallest things in life. The best example I could think of faithfulness in the biblical context is – about the parable of the talents. The master gives talents – 10, 5 and 1 and you know what happened! The master is gone, he’s away he’s not seeing them! This is the crux of FAITHFULNESS – It’s not about what we are doing when others are watching, it’s about what we are doing when no one is watching us! Remember the times, when we changed the channels when parents were around or pressed Alt+Tab when boss was behind? When the master returns back he finds that the servants who were given 10 and 5 talents doubled it through their efforts and this is what he says – “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much”

A little thought to the words the servant with one talent says a lot about how we deny ourselves to be faithful in our calling – ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.’

Faithfulness is all about realizing what God has already given us; it lies in counting your talents and knowing that God is not a hard man who gives only trials and tribulations! Faithfulness is about going about doing everything each moment as doing unto the Lord! We cannot be faithful in everything unless we commit ourselves to God who is so so faithful to us! His faithfulness to the Israelites is written so wonderfully throughout the Bible! World today talks about replacing everything and not mending it, it’s full of substitutes – be it materialistic things or relationships or jobs everything is changing so dynamically that we’ve forgotten  what it means to be FAITHFUL in the LITTLE things! Few other bible translations refer the word faithfulness as LONG SUFFERING, and the key is this – enduring till the end – till we meet Christ face to face!

Yes, in my own life I’ve been struck so many times like the servant with only one talent – not being faithful in what I’ve been assigned! It’s easy to grumble at God’s blessing, easy to nag for everything that I don’t have, it’s easier to let down my spirit and be yielded to the flesh! But when the Holy Spirit abides in us, he corrects us molds us and makes us become faithful in small things! If we don’t heed to correction we will end up like the servant with all things taken away from us! It’s a conscious choice we need to make to be faithful in every little thing – our everyday jobs, our responsibilities, our relationships!

Faithfulness is about shutting the voice of De Matanza and acting on what Jeongsin speaks!!


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  1. Uuuuuffffffff !!!! We can let Jeongsin speak only if we surrender ourselves to the almighty lord and let his holy spirit work in us.. Or its never easy at all.. But as usual this work of urs s also great.. n for a change u presented it in a very very interesting way.. Infact this s what the internal dispute within us feels like 🙂 Introspection is it 😉

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