Piece 9 – Self Control!

Picture Courtesy: brynhobson.weebly.com

I took almost three long months to finish my series on the fruit of the Holy Spirit, however I’m rest assured that all of us will take a life time to completely bear the fruit!

I had a purpose when I particularly chose orange fruit to be depicted – When you peel an orange you usually have individual 10-11 segments (carpels), just assume our fruit of the Holy Spirit is similar to an orange and there are 8 segments inside love-joy-peace-patience-kindness-gooness-gentleness-faithfulness. Where should we squeeze our last element Self Control into the fruit then??  Isn’t skin part of the fruit yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say. Self Control like the skin of the fruit covers all the individual pieces of the fruit!

Loving our enemy, being joyful at all times, finding peace amidst storms, being kind to those who’ve harmed us!

Being patient and gentle when our anger is soaring high, or continuing to be faithful for a long duration!!

None of the above can be done without self control! Only when we are able to control our SELF WILL and silence our carnal nature we will be able to bring out the virtues or the ingredients of the fruit of the spirit.

The world abounds in using the principle of harnessing power by bringing our self under control, and they are quite successful. There are many institutions and individuals who make money by just teaching people practical ways of self control. Yoga is one example, meditation, positive thinking philosophies – these are some ways where individuals try to suppress self and thereby try to achieve great benefits.

How then do we differentiate the Self Control of the fruit of the holy spirit and the worldly self help techniques? Its not always easy- In my little experience I’ve seen many people who have a strong control on their self, they are achievers, they get to do what they want. That’s exactly how the world employs self control – to be able to get what YOU want. While, the fruit of the Holy Spirit helps us to achieve want God wants. For instance, there could be times when we are right, but all around us people are talking bad about us. Or could be that we’ve been shouted at for no wrong of ours. To remain calm, to have peace, and still be loving to those who hurt us is to have the SELF CONTROL. In having this self control we may bring out one of the many other eight qualities listed in the fruit – thats the uniqueness of SELF CONTROL!

Theologically I could perhaps write pages on the fruit of the Holy Spirit, but to live by the standards of our high calling we need God to transform us each day into the likeness of his son Jesus Christ.!

As I look back at 2013, I’m filled with complete grief that – I’ve let my carnal voice speak louder which has led to heaps of broken relationships, whole lot of mistakes some blunders, a lot of hurt and pain, times of restlessness and so on.. On the other hand, I’m thankful to God that despite the storms his love was great and his mercies new every morning!

I’m looking forward to the next year and I want my friend Jeongsin to speak louder than De Matanzaa!





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