Driving or being Carried?


It feels fresh to start a new year again with new hopes, a few resolutions, and a lot of learning from the year bygone!

I was always saying everyone around me – that 2013 was the worst year of my entire life stormed by unexpected outcomes. However, suggested by a co blogger I started reading a book titled “Seven Habits of Highly Effective people” by Stephen Covey. So far, the book has helped me with some clear concepts – One of which has helped me say today that 2013 was the best year of my life since its helped me learn and grow!

Paradigm shifts are good sometimes, it helps us see a better vision when we are ready to change our vulnerable assumptions. I’m reminded of one example quoted by Tommy Tenney in his book “God Chasers”. Imagine you are seated in a flight, and its taking off… You see the huge stairs being drifted from the flight. As you keep moving away from the land, everything looks minute. The huge buildings now look like tiny dots. What a huge shift in the way we see when our altitude is changed???

I had experienced a similar experience and I’m taking back a huge learning with that reflection. My hubby gifted me a two wheeler on Dec 5th 2013! A white honda activa i, a newly launched product with the tagline “I can fly”! Truly the best gift which has left me flying high on independence 🙂

I had learnt two wheeler driving last year, and the first few days when I took my bike out I always ended up having terrible pain in my arms. To the extent that getting up in the morning without pain seemed inevitable. The anxiety of not falling down, coupled with my inexperience in driving made me force myself to drive the vehicle with loads of physical and mental strain. The first few days it was like making every muscle in my body work really hard to pull the vehicle along and drive it. It was quite a difficult task, and it became difficult when I had my daughter with me or my sister. Driving the vehicle caused a lot of strain on my arms because I was taking the entire weight onto my shoulders…

A small realization changed the whole painful experience of my myriad strained muscles into a truly enjoyable ride. Sooner I realized that its not me who’s carrying the vehicle and the those on-board with me, I felt it was lighter. There was freedom from pain when I realized that I’m being carried by the vehicle and I’m not pulling the vehicle along with my strength. A little understanding which came with experience helped shift my focus from the weight of the vehicle/people on it, to the focus on to the road ahead! This brought a sense of relief, it freed me of unnecessary anxieties and removed the pain I first went through.

Learning to drive without straining my muscles helped me enjoy my rides. One day enjoying my ride, with the freshness of the air brushing through my face I was telling myself if only if I could master my thoughts – the thoughts which keep telling me I have to do things, I need to struggle, I have to overcome my challenges and I have to do all by myself. If I could understand that I’m not driving my life, with the weight of my worries on my shoulders, but God is carrying me in his arms. How much could I enjoy this life of mine?

Jesus is calling me – Vinodhini you are weary and burdened, I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you for my burden is light. Its not as heavy as you feel it is, its light all you have to do is know that I’m carrying you.(Matthew 11:28-30)

His clear, still silent voice is calling out to me amidst all the chaos in life. Its therefore a conscious choice I need to make to hear his voice, to know that he cares for me and he’s carrying me! And that I’m not driving my life fueled by my worries and the weight of my responsibilities but its a life where God carries me with Jesus as my companion and Holy Spirit as my fuel!

How blessed and beautiful my life can be!! I’m working towards being able to just cast my cares upon him and find peace!!


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