Ready for an alignment??


Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia

Does this picture resound some childhood memories??? Any guesses??






I remember mixing magnetic particles with sand and then put them onto a paper and then try to separate them using a huge magnet!! I’m sure many of us have childhood memories such as this:)

Since I love analogy, Jesus like the magnet  will pull his children when he returns the second time! (Got the relation? Yes I’m talking about his second coming!)

The beauty of the activity is to see how a huge magnet tries to separate magnetic particles/iron filings from the rest of the mixture. There is something unique about the magnetic particles to get attracted to the magnet which the others like the sand, stone, or even precious metals or diamonds do not have.

Ahhh what a noticeable similarity!! We live in a world full of chaos, look around you will find diverse people. Some haughty, some poor, many confused and a few proud, subsets of boastful or brutal and in all we are a generation of sinful people.

The question is will we ever get caught with Jesus in the sky at his second coming??
If we desire to be attracted to him what is that one thing that makes us unique to be attracted and not left behind??

The unique characteristic which will attract us to Christ is to have the aroma of Christ himself !!!

In today’s world, we do not know if we are any different from others or if we’ve got mixed with the world. We might probably say, we are not like the world, we do not murder, we do not commit adultery, we go to church yet we might be worried, fearful, sensitive, self defensive, or full of hurts or resentment or un-forgiveness and all of this could clearly tell us we do not have Christ within us and we are not imitating him!! During the weekend I was reading a book called “The Calvary Road” by Roy Hession.. One statement by the author truly touched me, he says “Revival is the life of Lord Jesus poured into Human Hearts”. Does the life of our savior Jesus Christ actually makes a difference in our life??? Do we really smell like JESUS???

The first and the foremost step to be aligned is to be broken. The bible says in Psalms 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. What does it mean to be broken??? Does it mean that I’m financially bankrupt or I’ve lost my people or I’m physically bruised or broken by a deadly disease or is it something to do with emotional breakdown??

No not at all!!  To be broken is to know our sinful state, to be aware of our insignificance and how we have not given God his rightful place in our lives. Quoting Roy Hession again he says “Brokenness is simply a humble response to the conviction of God”. And its not something that we do it once and we are revived for a life time, but rather its a day to day process!! Everyday we need to clean our hearts, search our hearts to know what is preventing me to smell like Jesus. Most often we’re proud to smell like ourselves but we will be left behind if we do not smell like Jesus

The first step to get aligned with our forerunner Jesus Christ therefore is to have a sense of brokenness which will reconcile us with God. A brokenness which sees our flaws, our sinful state, knows our insignificance. By aligning ourselves to Jesus Christ we make way for God to work in our life and bless us and make us his fisher men!

Are you ready to get aligned ???

Pray with me –

Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise you for who you are, you are so full of glory and power and majesty. Your sovereignty is beyond understanding. We come to you with a sense of godly sorrow, we are broken and crushed because of our fallen state.  We commit all of our sins that we’ve done knowingly or unknowingly in our words, thoughts or deeds at your feet, cleanse us through your son Jesus Christ. Help us father to reflect our forerunner Jesus in our lives. To smell like him, to acquire his characteristics.Father be reconciled with us, and help us to have peace with you, with ourselves and with others around us.

Father God as we walk on this road, help us also to be the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing (2 Corinthians 2:15). Make us your living testimonies and help us to save souls for that judgement day. Lead us Lord according to your will. We pray this in the saving name of our Lord Jesus. Amen


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