Aisle, Altar, Hymn :)


I read a hilarious joke recently and couldn’t stop laughing… I don’t want to be laughing alone so here’s the joke for all of you!

Throughout the ages, men have been trying to unlock the mystery as to why their wives who accepted them as they were before, they got their behavior and life-style changed once their vows were exchanged.

Finally, the riddle was solved. A social-scientist arrived at a simple and logical conclusion.

When the bride, accompanied by her father, starts to walk slowly down the long aisle, she sees the altar at the end and hears the choir singing a hymn. Walking down the aisle, the conditioning process where the brain absorbs these three stimuli: aisle, altar, hymn, begins. She becomes mesmerized as she continually reinforces these perceptions: aisle, altar, hymn . . . aisle, altar, hymn . . . aisle, altar, hymn . . . . . . . .

Then finally, as she stops beside the groom, the conditioning process is completed.

She looks up at him lovingly, smiling sweetly and thinks, ‘I’ll alter him.’

That’s where most PROBLEMS begin in our marriage, when we want to change our husbands!! Well, I’m not an expert in giving marriage advices, but if anyone of you here want to get some Godly marriage advices and perspectives. I STRONGLY recommend you to visit this blog –

Well, my post was not just about the joke! So here is something more to it..

Let’s ask ourselves as to how many times have we thought of correcting others?? Isn’t it true that we are always on the look out of changing others?? How many times have we thought others were wrong and we are right? How many times, we wanted to ALTER our spouses /friends /colleagues / in laws ets..??

Honestly I think, we all would be nodding in agreement by now. I was a pharisee for a long time now, with ease I could point my fingers at anyone around and tell them how wrong they have been. I could quote the bible and tell them, this is your mistake, OMG that was sinful past! But the good Lord Jesus convicted me of my sins and here I share why we shouldn’t get into pointing our fingers at others and trying to change them?

1) Firstly we disobey God’s word and we go against the command of our sweet Lord Jesus which clearly says “DO NOT JUDGE”. When we point out at others mistakes we are basically judging them!

2) We do not know the history of the person we are correcting, his/her situations and circumstances and above all we cannot understand Gods plan and his will. Everyone around us, have done mistakes, we  are all sinful, we do not know why someone has behaved or done something wrong, we do not know why God has allowed this in their life if so how can we get to correct someone! We need to understand God’s significance and that we are very very very very insignificant, period!

3) In the process of correcting or bringing a change in others, we ourselves commit sins!! Wohoo this was an eyeopener for me! Its my pride, that tells me others are wrong and I’m right. Remember the pharisee and the tax collector praying? Most often, we are like the pharisee’s trying to tell God – Look God, I’m so much better than x,y,z.. Can you please change them, they are horrible!  We are painted with self-righteousness, ah you sure agree with me its a sin! We’ve already judged them and now we are either going to tell them they are bad, or tell others they are bad or react to them in an unloving manner. In the process we bring out the fruits of the flesh – Anger, Gossip, Slander, Disrespect, Malice, Hatred, Strife, Quarrels and so on (Galatians 5:19-21). Its serious sin my dear ones !!!

4) Lastly very IMPORTANTLY we compare ourselves to GOD!! And that’s IDOLATRY and we sin against the first commandment! Guess how?? Guess? Guess??








Do you know who is supposed to convict us of our sins??

John 16:8 :And when he (Holy Spirit) comes, he will convincethe world concerning sin and righteousness and judgmentconcerning sin. (RSV)

Yes, its the work of the Holy Spirit to convict us of our sins.. Infact Jesus himself couldn’t change the Jews of their ways and their thoughts!! Are we greater than the Holy Spirit?? If not then why are we trying so hard to change people of their ways. And this will not help anyone.. And the very thought of changing others attracts a lot of chaos!

My dear friends, lets have an inside out approach! Let God deal with the planks in our eye first, then lets not jump into removing the speck in our brothers eye. But lets pray and ask the Spirit to deal with them. Remember WE ARE NOT THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!


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