Do we Tattoo??


A few days ago I found a headlines when I typed Israel on Google, it read “Tattoos rule in Israel – despite Jewish law and Holocaust tabooLink for News.

Some of the key things I picked up from the news are –

  • Branding one’s body with permanent ink is one of the strongest forms of self-expression
  • According to Israeli sociologists and tattoo artists, tattoos have become much more common in Israel over the past decade
  • The tattoo fad symbolizes Israel’s transition from an austere and khaki-clad society that played down the importance of aesthetics to a society that pays homage to beauty, splendor, ornamentation and glitter

This news was interesting to me because of two reasons – One is that the ancient Israel law forbids the people of Israel to tatto their bodies (Leviticus 19:28 – You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh on account of the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord)

The second reason of interest is based on some statements made by those who tattooed themselves in Israel, understand their intent for tattoo’s.

  • My tattoos are who I am; each one has its own story
  • Another one says “she has always had her own identity, and her tattoos celebrate that”

A common theme for most people who get their bodies permanently stained with ink is that ” they are creating an IDENTITY for themselves“. Well, this kind of intent resonates so much with our culture today! We might think we do not have a tattoo on our body and yet hold a deep sense of having an identity.

The bible say’s we are created in HIS image, and what are we trying to do today? We want an image for ourselves, isn’t it true that we want to be known for our good deeds, or for our good looks, or our status or our fame, it can be anything…

Our identity can be traced back to God the creator as his precious children washed and found the way through Jesus Christ.

What’s the identity we desire today?


5 thoughts on “Do we Tattoo??

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  1. Very well said! We can spend a lifetime trying to “find ourselves” and our identity. Only when we open our hearts to Jesus will we find our true, authentic selves. Love and blessings, Bernadette

  2. Thank you Heather, I’m loving the fact that you’re reading my posts… There could be a lot of errors in my language… Apologies for that:)


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