Are the curtains falling slowly?

March 16th made it in the history of Crimea to go against the US, European allies and its own country Ukriane to favor Russia and be part of the Russian regime through a referendum. I’ve been following the Crimea crisis through news each day and it was really a new learning for someone who is new to Political Science. A summary of the Crimea crisis can be found here – Link

Russia is moving forward to annex the region of Crimea, while it faces severe opposition from US, EU and infact UNO has said that Vladimir Putin is foolish to have taken this course. In 2008, Russia did the same with the country of Georgia., which clearly indicates that Vladimir Putin is up and rising to bring back the Soviet kingdom (USSR) that once  Russia had. Putin has also, stated the same in his vision statement and one of his comments say that “The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.” Putin is definitely a strong political leader in that sense, he’s mustered a nation to support his leadership!

However in the current Ukraine crisis, the annexation of Crimea by Russia has spurred many reactions specially from US and the European Union. US has freezed assets for Russians, EU has threatened of a cold war!  Tensions are rising, rumors of wars are spreading.. Already the world has witnessed Arab Spring and the many Rumors of War

Time will say if Russia will fight the west allies (US and EU).. Of course the stage is being set… The map below gives a birds eye view of the countries growing the nuclear weapons which could give us a quick glance of the allies that could be formed….!!


The dots are being connected, the missing link is how ISRAEL will play out in all this scenario, we are definitely living in an exciting time frame! The beauty of all this is – where is God, is God in control of the situation? Studying these political scenarios, emerging trends, wars etc could be enlightening with a vision of Jesus Second Coming. In light of the word, we should be prepared for our eternity!

Are we ready to face Jesus face to face? The clock is ticking… All we need is not knowledge to understand the world events, it can never satisfy. We all need JESUS to be saved!! We need the Holy Spirit to open our blind eyes…

Be saved!!!


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