Weaning God out of my life

I had the privilege of reading a freshly pressed topic called Weaning God Out of my life. I liked the way, she honestly wrote about her life so clearly with not a slight tinge of hypocrisy and how the church lost her.. I loved reading it she spoke more on boarder issues but I’m going to make it hilarious now…

I go to a British built Indian church which will turn a 100 years in the next year I suppose. My parents and husband completely built in me the culture of being at the church at 7:30 AM every Sunday no matter, if its sunny, cold or raining! Our church has a great tradition of having fellowship after church with a simple breakfast or just some tea and coffee. And at these times some typical conversation I can hear (collated from the most recent)

Background: I go to church after missing for a week since my daughter was admitted in the hospital

ME: Good morning aunty

Aunty 1 – Hey hows your daughter?? You don’t take proper care of her.. YOUR ARE BAD MOM…

ME: My mouth shuts! and my mind goes%@$#^%&^^$%&. I’m just wondering, how much does she know me to judge me? I tell her, sure aunty I’ll try my best to be better and wave good bye.

Before I wave good bye, another one comes to me

Aunty 2 – what happened to your daughter?

Me – She had blood infection

Aunty 2- Ohhh, you don’t boil the water is it? ( Within myself – should I inform her every time I boil water??)

She continues., You should cover her head, you should make a concoction of cumin water and give her a spoon each day.

Me – Sure aunty I will do that

Before I can digest the facts another one comes around

Aunty 3 – Hey I heard your daughter is unwell, does she eat well

Me- She has a bad appetite and is quite fussy

Aunty 3 – You know what I take care of my sister’s grandchildren, I follow a timetable I know when he is hungry, before he is hungry I give him what he needs. Every two hours I keep feeding him with good food. He’s so healthy and NEVER falls sick!

Me – Aunty your really efficient and the best grandmother!(Honestly if what she said is true) Within me: can you stop making me feel I’m hopeless 😦

Now it’s time for some theology

Uncle 1 – Hey Vino, you seem to working hard these days how have you been?

Me – Uncle I’m pleased to know I’m working hard and someone acknowledges it

Uncle 1 – getting the stage ready to preach now.. with some more good words for me. And then…. Ahhh you know thats why I didnt want my wife to work, I think god wants wife’s to be at home so that they can take good care of their husbands and children.

Me – I’m thinking to myself if he was not given a chance to preach at church so he began preaching to me after church. Yeah uncle I will do how the Lord leads me.

My sister had thyroid problem which resulted in her skin getting severly pigmented many years before, but its a miracle that God gave her a clear skin now and shes fair and beautiful and yes she does take her of her skin now!

Uncle 1 to my sister – Hey I’m not sure what your doing to you face, but I think you should pray about it… I hope what your doing is not sinful???? #@%#^$%&#

Crap @$#%$^%*^** , what does he know about my sister to talk about her sin????

Aunty x – (Sorry I lost the count of the aunty’s by the way.. ) You look so beautiful in saree and hair tied up, why can’t you clutch your hair with a clip everyday. You look so beautiful with your hair tied up.

Me: (Grin :O :O I’m wondering if our people have a dress code which includes a specific hair code :D:D…) Aunty I have no time to do that… Waving her goodbye to get rid of her…

Uncle 1: Your happy and married now, does not mean you dont take care of your parents..

Me: My nerve cells are straining hard to figure what did he just mean… I just give away a plastic smile and walk hurriedly..

Uncle 4 – Your singing in the choir was so loud.. The music was bad and the song was so boring..

Me – I’m thinking if I’m sitting in the choir to entertain people or praise God?? 😮 😮

Alright.. I can go on and on and on… It might look like i’m cribbing about my church members my own body of Christ… But honestly, I love all of them and still go and meet them every Sunday .. And yet, sometimes their words can have an impact leading me to SIN.. Get angry with them and loose my PEACE and many more… And sometimes I could come across like those aunty’s and uncles in the conversation to someone else who’s a church layman maybe!!

Christians have become a nightmare for many many people and especially YOUNGSTERS… We’re driving them away from the church!!! We are telling them time and again they are wrong… We’re casting stones, we’re pointing fingers and doing just what JESUS asked us not to do!! Our lives do not show JESUS, however our speech is sooooooo loud that we’re sending the wrong message.. We belittle those who don’t attend church and condemn them while we do not realize that we are CHASING them AWAY from CHURCHES!!! We need to wake up, because the end times are close!!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. Irony is that you’ve mentioned whatevers been running through your mind judging others for their judgement and then you’ve given it some icing on the cake by mentioning that you love them all. I’d say the root cause is the after church fellowship. The message that has to go out to people is to come to church to grow in faith not be an active and sosocialising church goer.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      I appreciate your thoughts. Infact, my own sister gave me the same feedback you are giving. I’m not sure if I am judging them, but yes I wrote about what happened to me in the last few Sundays.. Im not sure if your beginning to judge me by saying it was icing on the cake because I said I love them..:) Well Sam, its a vicious cycle.. to judge and be judged.. My message was we are driving people away, i may go back to my church and face the same people despite them having commented. But I know of many youngsters in the church who have gone astray because of some critical and unbearable remarks! I’m also saying I may be one and its prayer that we would see everyone with love and grace and not with judgment! I’m not PERFECT and yes I still have the capability to make mistakes 🙂

      And, I definitely do not agree to not having fellowship.. Fellowship is important but it should not be above God and then it would be idolatory:)


  2. Vino, it’s not unusual to come across judgmental and legalistic people in our fellowships and congregations. And yes, it’s purely the grace of The Lord and His life in us that helps us to continue to love such in obedience to His command …:-)
    And the institution called ‘church’ is a far cry from what we find in the Scriptures about the church or the ekklesia.
    Im sharing a couple of links below that are a good read on the subject..


  3. I would definitely read them Akka..

    I’m not theologically sound to define Church fully based on scriptures. However, I believe that Jesus attended synagogues and spent his life with sinners so I do not think we Christians to alienate ourselves from our churches but be examples of Christ wherever he has placed us!

    Lots of Love

    1. Vino, thanks for your response. I need to clarify that I never mentioned about alienating ourselves from the Body of Christ locally or globally – that would be detrimental to our spiritual health and well being. I’ve pointed out links that help us understand the Headship of our Lord in His church. May The Lord help us gain clarity on this matter! God Bless!

      1. Akka, May be my comment was based on your post on why you don’t celebrate Christmas.. And how you said you weren’t a Christian and you are believer of Christ. Initially I was a little shocked, and of course I was not comfortable with that. Alienating from the practices of the Church is a sure way of being Judgmental towards the church. My knowledge is limited, but yet I believe God can bring beauty from the most corrupted things for HIS glory!

        Yes, the church is far from the standards and if we were to measure ourselves against the standards of the Bible NONE can stand in judgement.. So its my perspective that we are not bound by law but by love.

        I hope you don’t take me wrong.

        Lots of Love

      2. Vino, far from taking you wrong I appreciate your candid response. While each of us writes out of our experiences , inspiration and conviction, they may not always go down well with others. These are expected and I’m not surprised if some of my writings shocked you. The beauty of being in The Lord’s family is – though you and I have different views and spiritual convictions yet, ultimately we bear with one another in love agape that binds us together. And I love you deeply in The Lord!

  4. You make a good point; too many Christians are terrible representatives of Christ. I heard a sermon today in which the speaker said that some people are put in churches to be like exercise equipment…to teach us to love even when it’s hard (to exercise our own Christianity). Bless you! It’s not easy to deal with difficult people like this.

  5. Heyyy Lindsey,

    Wat a surprise… To see your comment.. How have you been?? Hows your motherhood going on? Hows little Sam..?? I just saw you have two post that I’ve not read which could give me answers to many questions I’ve asked..:)
    Yeah of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we live in a culture where “God” is defined based on our situations… And is equal to religion or law or culture etc…

    Lots of Love

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