Newton’s Third Law

Even slightly educated sample of people would quote Newtons third law of motion. “Every Action has a equal and an opposite reaction”. I realized this law of Physics also in line with JESUS commands however the human race fails to follow!

Jesus say’s if someone hates you love them back

He says if someone slaps you show them you’re other cheek

He wants us to pray for those who persecute us

Return good to those who hate you

I was introspecting my actions last night and found that I always REACTED to an action with EQUAL FORCE and sometimes with an extended FORCE when the actions were favorable 😉

I smile when someone smiles at me

I greet when I’m greeted

I provide when I’m provided for

I return favors with grace with an extended arm

But Jesus say’s what’s the point if you love those who love you…

However, the problem happens when others actions are unlikely to be  favorable and my REACTIONS are definitely not OPPOSITE!

When I feel someone is not acting right with me, or when someone has taken me for granted. I usually tend to react NOT with love but in ANGER, VENGENCE, FRUSTRATION etc..  Is it really so hard to follow the teachings of Jesus?

We all tend to point our fingers at anyone if they’ve done wrong, but Jesus is asking us to show the other cheek? But do we really do that?? Nah.. we make sure, they feel guilty about what they’ve done and react in the same way they acted! That’s definitely not what we’re expected to do… Infact many of our REACTIONS tend to be very SINFUL than the original action themselves!

Newton’s third law should be at work in all of us when others actions are not likely to be good..! However, DO NOT apply the law by doing bad to people who’ve done good to you! And mind you this comes easily…


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