Roads, Vehicles and People!


Indian roads are not technologically advanced, we have a variety of vehicles from bicycles to expensive, cozy four wheelers! And traffic is a major stress factor for most.. I live 20 kilometers away from my work place and it takes me around 1.5 hours for one way during peak office hours, otherwise it takes 50 mins on an average.

Two weeks back, I was home by 8:00 PM (my usual time) and my husband was coming home late and he wanted me to pick from a point. It was around 10:00 PM, the breeze was pleasant and I took my white beauty (my two wheeler Activa i). The roads were typically empty and I was zooming past the road and singing away!

While I was just enjoying my ride, I was reminded of the contrast… When I was on the same road a few hours back.. I was full of anxiety, the crowded roads, the vehicles moving at the speed of tortoise led me to get frustrated.

Its interesting that the road, vehicles and people have a great similarity to our race here on this earth. The road is the life on this earth, the vehicles represent our lives our status, our capacity. When we look at the road, there a few pedestrians who have nothing at all, bicyclist pedaling hard to reach the destination. The ones in huge cars, sitting within their comfort zones. Some of them in crowded buses and public transport. ALL of them are on the SAME road, they are all going to reach their destinations.. Once they reach their destination, would they take their bicycles inside their homes? or take their super expensive cars into their living room?

Isn’t is true that, we on this road of life get discouraged seeing others “cars” ?? They are so comfortable, and we are sweating hard or pedaling hard to reach the destination! And sometimes we may be on the other side, despising those little pedestrians who have nothing. But the TRUTH is it doesn’t matter… All of us are on the SAME ROAD and our destination (HEAVEN) is the SAME and our CARS have to be parked out! So why Worry about what we have or do not have as long as we are on the right road??

The second lesson is our Attitude during the journey…When the roads are free, we feel so light and good to drive on an empty road with some good music or may be someone loved beside us! When our life is filled with blessings we are always happy and cheerful..But we tend to get frustrated when the traffic doesn’t move and we are in a hurry with other plans! But will our worries, frustrations or anger get us faster on the road??

Lastly, Life many times is tangled with too much traffic, no where to go and the feeling of getting stuck and we take diversions and yet we need to come to the same road, because our destination remains the same! Ohh so similar, we take short cuts to life, we do things in haste only to realize we did all the hard work in vain… We depend on our wisdom to take short cuts in life, but the road we are to be on is the “Calvary Road”.

The Calvary road is a narrow road, it doesn’t promise a joy ride. It will have its own potholes and bumps and traffic but we need to remember to be JOYFUL in hope, PATIENT in suffering and FAITHFUL in prayer through the journey (Romans 12:12)


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