Dark Fantasy!

I saw a huge bill board last year while on my way to office one day … It was the advertisement of the biscuit Dark Fantasy and it was absolutely tempting.. I just wanted to taste that biscuit it was on my mind as I sat at my desk to work. I went to have lunch with my team, the topic was the biscuit and I heard from my team that biscuit was expensive but it had a nice packaging. And I was lucky because my manager who heard my intense desire to taste the biscuit, borrowed one from his colleague and gave it to me. I was sooooooo happy that my desire to eat the biscuit was fulfilled in just a day!

I went home, told my husband about the biscuit and he usually doesn’t prefer chocolates was excited with my experience and wanted to taste it. We bought one, and we finished the pack and he liked it!!! And every time we go for groceries, my husband picks two packs of the biscuit and he eats it more than I do! And my excitement about this biscuit has made everyone in my house at least taste it except my mom who does not eat chocolates.

Well, I was reminded of this incident on Sunday while the preacher was preaching. The reason is – it teaches me a great deal about Knowledge about Jesus and Knowing Jesus! Well, when I saw the bill board I knew about the biscuit, I can research about it talk to people about but I WILL not know how it actually tastes.. Most often Christians today are only talking about Christ based on what they’ve seen, heard, researched, contemplated, argued and studied may be.

Knowing Christ is all about tasting him, translating our knowledge into real experience… We need to make efforts to have a living relationship with Christ… Its not going to be as easy as it seems… In our busy lifestyles we forget to remember the most important thing in life – To have LIVING relationship with Christ!!

I also realized that, when our relationship with Christ is living; people will see our excitement and will want to know that Christ who excites us, who gives us joy, who grants us peace that passeth all understanding!! Our life will speak, we do not have to use words to proclaim Christ to others.

The last thing is – my desire for the biscuit has waned, but I do buy them when I go to the supermarket… But If I fantasize about them I would rather go to the super market to buy the biscuits! So this is the secret – the living relationship with Christ is not somethign that is passive and Christ will initiate for us. He has already made the way, paid the price… We need to get to our closets to pray, we need to fall on our knees and then we will taste Christ and we will be excited and we will make a way for others to know Christ!

I am longing for dark fantasy now! The fantasy of having Christ to rid me of my dark heart, blind eyes and my deceived mind!!


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