Sun and the Moon

My little princess, Jessica has a habit of doing everything herself. Every time we get down the stairs, shes the one who switches the light to help us get down the steps carefully. And she also will want to switch on the lights during the day. I take small opportunities like this to teach her something I can because I hardly get to teach her. So I began telling her, Sun is the largest light and when Sun is out we don’t need light.

My sweet little one, when we go out during the day says – Mummy Sun is there na, so no need light.. And I feel so goood I taught her something…

One day my usual “Analogy-istic” brain 😛 was thinking about the Sun and the Moon…

The Sun’s light can hide nothing, everything is reveled.. We can see everything crystal clear when the Sun is out… I’ve learnt at school that the moon shines as it reflects from the Sun… However, the light of the moon is not sufficient for us to see everything. May be we could walk under the moon light, but it would be highly difficult to read through a document isn’t??

Ahh… I just realized I call my blog Vino Reflections, Yes I try to reflect Christ in my life… Christ makes everything crystal clear in my life. He’s the one who brings light in my darkness, in my foolishness and madness. The most important thing is I’m very very insignificant and imperfect compared to Jesus Christ the light of the world. I may shine by reflecting Jesus, I may help others walk this road towards eternity but I cannot help them in every detail of their life. They all need JESUS and I cannot in all my knowledge and wisdom and good deeds be sufficient to enlighten others!!

This is very important for all those who follow Christ to understand our own insignificance and God’s sovereignty. It is also important to understand, that we are not capable enough to judge others in our limited knowledge and impose our ideologies. I love this song What this world needs by Casting Crowns – the lyrics go like this

What this world needs is not another one hit wonder with an axe to grind
Another two bit politician peddling lies
Another three ring circus society
What this world needs is not another sign waving super saint that’s better than you
Another ear pleasing candy man afraid of the truth
Another prophet in an Armani suit

What this world needs is a Savior who will rescue
A Spirit who will lead
A Father who will love them in their time of need
A Savior who will rescue
A Spirit who will lead
A Father who will love
That’s what this world needs

All we can do is reflect Christ in our life, when we shine the world wants to know why we really SHINE and they know CHRIST!!


2 thoughts on “Sun and the Moon

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  1. I’ve just found you (via Heather ~40 Year Wanderer~). I really like your writing voice and your “Analogy-istic brain”—I might recognize that kind of mind. 😉 I look forward to reading some more.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your encouraging words.. I did read your writings and sense that we do have a mind with analogies 🙂

    Lots of Love

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