God Vs Man


I was going through a presentation, and the picture above caught my attention so badly more than the content of the presentation. After a while, I was talking to my sister and she shared one link which was a science study which proved that usage of microwave for longer time periods has negative consequences. The union of the above picture and the link my sister shared gave birthed today’s post!

God created not just the earth, the huge huge huge universe which our minds cannot comprehend maybe. I’ve had the privilege of visiting “Switzerland”, I was awed at Gods handiwork.. It was just beautiful, the snow capped mountains and the green lush valleys, the vineyards, the fruit gardens interspersed by lakes… Awww Its such a beautiful sight! The creation story recorded in Genesis 1-2 chapters are a mystery which man again has tried to contradict, convince, confuse but to trust in the creator God! Everything created for the first five days obey God’s commands, the wind and the waves obey him but for the stiff-necked man!

This God who made everything gave it all in the hands of MAN! What did this man do? So insignificant yet, the human race desires to innovate, discover and create but the whole point is whatever he tries to CREATE only SABOTAGES him! We don’t realize!

Man has sought to seek his own comfort rather than seek God who created him! While the human race thinks we have grown to a trillion dollars of advanced technology and science which can give us comfort and entertainment we have only drilled ourselves to our destruction!

God made the earth, man dug the earth to find oil, metals, minerals, gold, diamond and what not. The result is majority of the population suffers from the polluted environment while a very small minority lives in riches!

God made LIVING trees and man cut them to non reproducible homes! The result is deforestation which destroys the ozone layer which allows harmful rays from the sun which causes cancer!

Have you experienced the natural cool breeze brushing your face, isn’t so amazing! Today we are still “cool” inside AC homes and offices but they are emitting Green House Gases (GHG emissions) which pollute our environment

Fruits and Vegetables were created by God they are just amazing! Man tried to poke his nose there by saying we need to feed the growing population – lets fertilize to yield more, lets mutate and hybrid them to make them better. The result is we get beautiful red apples, perfectly round oranges but they are TASTELESS. Man has a way out – we add artificial sweeteners to get back the taste and they are again cancer causing agents!

God created marriage Husband the bread winner, wife the submissive helper and again man tried to innovate – compulsory woman participation in company’s board! Today we have better woman leaders than homemakers and of course beautiful designer houses but BROKEN HOMES!

Everything man creates only sabotages him!!! Period! He cannot save himself with the technology from the wrath of God!

The beauty in the relationship with God and Man is that we are created in HIS image (Genesis 1:27). And that’s where we derive our ability to think, innovate, create!! The problem is we think we are better than that creator GOD. Can we really be?

I recently read a quote which said ” It did not cost anything to create the universe, but it costed God his only son to save our sinful souls” May we seek to humble ourselves and walk in his will so that we may inherit eternal life!



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    1. Oh you nailed it.. Only yesterday I was hearing to Pastor David Platt on the Holy Spirit and I just realized how much I’ve missed out on because I was not conscious about the HOLY SPIRIT!

  1. So I would consider myself a religious God fearing man. But you are wrong. Read the bible learn what it says before you go writing crap. God does not expect women to be submissive to man, nor does he expect humans to stop thinking or creating, just because we make technology does not mean we are trying to hide from God’s wrath. Your inablity to accept others designis is the reason God loving people today have a bad name. I am scared to think that someone can read and try to live Gods word and think like you do. Love, respect, careing these are the things you should persue. Wrath is Gods domain. Stop trying to be God. Very respectfully a long time reader and always scared for you. I pray you see the difference

    1. Thanking for reading and letting me know I am wrong. I understand my limitations and I’m aware of my insignificance. God doesn’t expect women to submit to man… But eh sure expects wives to submit to husbands… That’s the way he created marriage. Genesis 3:16 says in the end God cursed women n says her desire will be for her husband and he will rule over her. New Testament clearly says wives submit yourself to your husband. Men and women and equal before God but their roles r different and leadership and submission go hand in hand. Both cannot lead… May be my tone of writing is not well understood… I did mention in my post that we have the ability to think and create etc… All I am saying is we shud do everything in obedience to God in humility… Thank you for praying for me… I’m open to correction, I may be wrong… My blog does not say Gods reflections… It says vino reflections…. I’m human and I will make mistakes but god in his sovereignty will use it for his glory if I continue to submit to him and his good will

    2. You say:
      ” I would consider myself a religious God fearing man.”

      You might try turning to God for help in writing more loving responses to things you interpret differently. Your words, harsh and unnecessary, are not Godly.

      Might you consider a more pleasing method to Christ? It appears you need prayer in this very area.
      She was clear in her reasons for writing what she did. It is not “crap” when a Christ follower tries to disseminate the “crap” that’s in this world, even if in that they would disagree with your antagonistic submission.

  2. God is a creation of man.Man wrote the bible,printed the bible,has gone to war over the bible.
    I do not have the answer as to why we are here but to believe in a magical invisible being is silly.
    Why does your article dwell on our shortcomings instead of our successes.

  3. Thank you Warren for your thoughts..

    The problem is you do not have an answer to why we are on this earth. Bible gives an answer, it gives direction. Its like a road map leading us to walk this way on this earth. Bible was written by man, but it was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    I do not know what your experience is and what background you come from. I’m market researcher for a sustainability consulting firm. And we provide consulting solutions to big big organizations – how they can be sustainable and not pollute the environment, people and society while making money. Because in the end its leading to bigger dangers like climate change, and various other natural catastrophes…

    Well, with this background I have seen wat man’s greed has done… You talk about man success keeping man as the center of his life! I talk about man’s failures by not keeping God as the center.

    My tone is the article is negative but man cannot do anything great apart from God. There is so much suffering in the world, can man find solutions, can man find solutions from natural disasters??

    What is success to man??

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