Trivial Many, Vital Few!

Over the last few days I’ve been taking some eLearning modules on six sigma. Which is a step by step procedure for process improvement. While, going through one module I was repeatedly bombarded with the title of this post! Trivial Many, Vital Few… Trivial Many, Vital Few… Trivial Many, Vital Few….

It caught my attention, it’s such a simple fact of life… We all know it but then we find it difficult to practice! I’ve been particularly working on myself for a few months specially in areas of time management and productivity. And I’ve realized that a lot of life’s miseries can be avoided by following this great Pareto’s law – there are a very few vital tasks which give 80% results but take only 20% time, and the remaining 80% of the time result in only 20% results.

Isn’t this interesting and true at the same time?

If I were to use this principle in my life the minute I get up – I would be reading the word of God and praying for the strength I need which is definitely the VITAL ONE to begin the day! Instead of, worrying about the “trivial many” – my maid’s absent-ism, my milk man’s un-punctuality, my own in-capability of rushing with my chores, power cuts, water, gas, kitchen inventories, the overflowing tea, overcooking the food etc etc! If I focused on being calm, peaceful and plan ahead on what to do in the morning I would be doing a great job!

If I were to use this principle at work, I would focus on prioritized work instead of facebooking, watsapping, internet banking, chatting, or even writing this post :O I would have got some more awards to pat my back!

And when I reach back home, the vital few probably would be to just relax, eat and pray with the family and go to bed and may be a little planning for the next day. Instead of worrying about the many things that dint go well that day, instead of spending time again on social media and unnecessary chatter, getting into arguments with hubby 😉 etc..!

Life would be actually easy if we could just focus on the VITAL FEW and consciously eliminate the TRIVIAL MANY 🙂 I definitely understand we are living in a fallen world and everything does not go as per the plan, however no harm trying and implementing this rule and getting better with ourselves!

Its weekend now and my VITAL ONE is REST REST REST…. 🙂


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