Israel and Palestine War


I’ve been following news on the Israel – Palestine war, trying to dig a little into the history of the two nations. Going overboard reading articles written by both pro-Palestinians and pro Israel. The current events are raising many curious spectators, prophecy un-winders, blasphemies and many more.

Here’s a link to a video which will present the Middle East Crisis –

The bible reveals a lot of patterns that will precede the second coming of Jesus Christ. And many are coming to pass

  • Wars and Rumors of War, Nation against nation
  • Increase in knowledge
  • Increasing brutality, insanity
  • Changing technologies / Face recognition-RFID tags etc
  • One world government – one world bank – one world financial system

All of this may suggest that the bible prophecies regarding last days may be fulfilled in the near future.

The recent Israel – Palestine war may be like a compass showing direction to where the world is heading. The bible is so full of Israel, yet they are such a tiny dot in the ocean of world. The world is trending with humanitarians seeking peace to end the war between the two nations. The religious trying to enforce their beliefs, the politicians struggling to wade through the situations trying to mend policies. The common people chatting with the bits and pieces of information they know.

Having had an episode of information overload, i just read this from a co-blogger:-

In a dense fog, if you listen, you can hear, but seeing is beyond possible. In the muffled quiet, sound can lead, but without sight, it is only by faith that you follow.
So it is with this Christian life. We cannot see God as we want, but we can listen for His still small voice while the fog blocks our vision. We can move forward by faith, for without it, we cannot please God. 2 Corinthians 5:7

I’m going to stick to my faith, believe that Jesus would return to judge the world. And I’m here on this earth to do God’s will by making the smallest of the small choices according to his will by listening to still silent voice.

Be blessed



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