In between Birth and Death!


Birth and death of a human are so mysterious, yet in between the two we find it difficult to accept the mystery of life…!!!

I just penned these words one night when I was overwhelmed by the news of the death of my relative. While my mind is yet to come out of the thoughts of reason and logic of the loss, I’m also looking forward to my friend who is due to give birth to her firstborn. Yeah two opposite ends!

In between these two incidents lies the weight of my heart’s deep questions.

I was born to parents whom I did NOT decide, I was born into a region I could NOT choose, I was born with a religious worldview influenced by my ancestors NOT by my choice. Infact If I could say, I could NOT even choose my skin color (my long time accusation against God for my darker skin shade), my eyes, my hair nor anything that I own.

Well, what about death? Can I choose how I am going to die? I certainly can NOT unless I think of taking my life into my hands, which I dare not think!

There is a pattern, there is beauty, there is something supernatural about the mystery of Life and Death. Many times the mystery of life and death is beyond human comprehension. And the Bible teaches that God is the creator, the author of life, the beginning and the end. Everything that is seen to human eye is a handiwork of the Lord, and I am one.

How is that we who can NOT choose our birth and can NOT choose our death, strive HARD to CHOOSE our own way in this road between BIRTH and DEATH? Bible coherently presents, the longing of Gods heart for his children to walk in His will for us. From the inception of Adam to the death of his saints, the bible demonstrates the power of God’s will and also illustrates man’s striking disobedience.

May we today, listen to the still silent voice amidst the rumbling many voices of the world and walk according to it and not away from it!


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