It was 3:00 AM on November 1st 2014, the bedroom night lamp was burning and my husband sitting on the bed. I woke up with a shock and asked him what happened and he said nothing I just got up to drink water. I just handed the water bottle to my husband and my phone rang! On the other side was my sister weeping bitterly, all I could hear is “mummy” “something happened” “Sunshine hospital”. Well, in just about a few minutes we landed a the hospital to see my mom surrounded by a dozen people with tubes running across her mouth, nose and chest.

Well, she had a massive heart attack and it was a shock to the entire family. I quietly stood around my mom committing mom into Gods sovereign hands, and I sent messages to a few people who could offer prayers for mom.

Three days mom was in the ICU and they did various tests and the doctors said she was responding well to the treatment and she was improving. And the final test results were unbelievable she was discharged on Wednesday much to everyone’s surprise…

While, the entire episode left me wondering why did this happen.. The background being that my mom was my pillar of support who takes care of my daughter Jessica so I could do a 12 hour job which I love! Also, currently I’m on my family way and due in the summer of 2015, and shes been offering help in vary many ways. Future looked bleak when I saw the troubles looming ahead and that’s when I was reminded of the verse which Job says to his wife “Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” (Job 2:10)

It was a very wise statement made by Job when he LOST EVERYTHING!!! and his wife was mocking his faith in God! Job knew God’s sovereignty. He looked not from a human standpoint but from Gods view.

Troubles, disasters, trials, suffering can come because of the evil one, sometimes to test our faith and many times because of our own CHOICES made out of our foolishness! But despite all the TROUBLES God is still SOVEREIGN and he can turn all things to good for those who love him according to HIS purpose (Romans 8:28)

Jesus himself suffered to bring salvation to the lost world! His suffering was to bring a greater glory! And as Paul says our present sufferings are far greater than the glory that will be revealed to us (Romans 8:18)! When we have a hope of resurrection, and eternity with God, all the trials, troubles and sufferings are just passing clouds!

After I had these thoughts ringing in my mind, I just prayed that God will open each one of our eyes to why he allowed this situation in our lives. I’m sure my mom, my dad, my sister, my hubby all of us will learn something to take along this journey with this incident. Already I see my mom conscious of her diet and timing, my sister more responsible and of course me looking not to man’s help but God’s!!

We are all running this race to win the prize so let not the troubles of this life deceive us from inheriting Eternity! May we walk in His word, be filled with His Holy Spirit and be willing to surrender to His sovereign will.

God bless!


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