Perfect, Best or Balance – Aren’t actually choices!!

It’s been more than 9 months since I blogged and I’m making an effort to be back. This post can be considered as one of my major learnings during the last several months of juggling tasks.

A quick timeline – I was blessed with another girl baby on the 29th of April 2015. Moved on June 1st to our new apartment and started managing two girls by myself. June 22nd my elder daughter started going to School. And by July we had issues sending her to school because of the distance and poor eating habits and she was hospitalized for two days. In July my only sister’s wedding got finalized and the wedding will take place on October 9th. In August I got back to my full time job. Quite a cluttered clumsy schedule…

Back to my posts headline :

Perfect – I’ve missed the mark of being the perfect mom, wife or any role I play many a times. For instance my elder daughters choice of school and the distance from home to school wasn’t perfect. We had to make so many iterations to our schedules to manage Jessica’s school… And my dear girl travels to school for an hour in a private van, at a tender age of four. For some this looks horrendous, and some may call us insensitive parents. And sometimes I keep doubting my capability of managing Jessica’s studies and her food habits.


Jessica’s first term results… She missed being in the top grade due to absentism. Partly attributed to the distance from home to school coupled with poor eating habits leading to Ill health and absentism. Definately my choices weren’t close to perfect when managing Jessica. And there are people who do make Perfect Choices when it comes to children and I fall sometimes into the snare of comparison.

Alright coming to BEST CHOICES… Most of our choices fall into this category. We are there everywhere and hence perfection is ruled out for us and we keep calling out solutions Thee Best… Hahahha might sound a little too overconfident, however we STRIVE with all our hearts to do the best in everything we do, everyone one we do and in all that we do.  For example – being a working mom, managing two kids, my husband suggested that I outsource my kitchen work and by gods grace we found one maid who is doing it for me. That’s the best choice we made considering our lifestyles. It’s definately not perfect, we have to manage with just one vegetable and rice for lunch most of the times, my kitchen is messed up and I find myself lost in my own kitchen looking for small things like knife or lighter😁 well but still having a cook works best for our situation.

And the last BALANCED CHOICES – this is the best among the category and can be the most rewarding… But most unlikely to be made… Today I started my day at 8 with packing stuff for the kids as we were supposed to attend parent teachers meet at 10 am, but we missed and my husband just collected the report card at 11:30; went for shopping with my MIL for my second ones christening again planned for next month, and joined my parents for the wedding shopping and at 6:30 was left with no energy but had a birthday party to attend. It was very hard to say NO because they were my close relatives. But the balanced choice was to reach home at 7, give the kids a hot water massage and bath, feed them and put them to sleep and relax with a cup of tea and writing this post!

Just hang on, we’ve come to the end of the post…..

Perfect choices happen rarely, but imperfection outbeats most of the time… And that’s where you’ll find GRACE.

Best and balanced choices are great they tell you how discerning you can be…

But do you think those are the actual choices?? How many make the most perfect choices, and yet full of stress, anger, sorrow, jealousy and the like? Many make informed and wise choices and yet frustrated, depressed and feel purposeless. Don’t you agree?

Therefore the CHOICE is not if your going to be Perfect, Best or Balanced it is about being filled with love, peace, joy and hope.

The choices therefore are – Contentment over Dissatisfaction, Peace over Stress, Joy over restlessness, Gentle and a Quite spirit over Confusion, Thankfulness over Grumbling, Faith over Fear and the list goes on…

Most often we find ourselves and others around getting caught abouy what’s perfect and what’s not. What’s best for us may not be best for others… And the right balance I am talking of might just mean imbalance to someone else!

If the perfect, Best and balanced choices differ from every individual then the only litmus test is to see how you are after making those wise, informed choices!

What are your choices today??


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