Skeins of Wool teach Life!

I suddenly developed a great interest for crocheting.. I’m often found with a bag with some yarn/wool, a crochet needle :D. A few weeks ago when I went to the local market, I found skeins of wool ( a length of thread or yarn, loosely coiled and knotted) for a very reasonable price, since it was cost effective I readily bought them. But little did I know I would be spending a lot of time converting the skein into a ball of yarn! Typically a ball of yarn is costlier than skein, however easier to work with

Last week I just pulled one skein of yarn and started making a scarf for my grandma. But very soon the entire skein got tangled and messed

A messed up skein of Wool

I almost spent three four hours just trying to get the mess into a neat ball!

While I kept patiently working on the messed up wool, I was looking at another un-messed bundle. It looked so neat, so tidy and here are my two cents from what they spoke to me.

A neat skein of Wool

Created and Messed

There must have been someone who must have created the yarn, bundled them in a fashion and tied the two ends – the beginning and the end! I just learnt that the bundle gets messed up when you are misled to start unwinding from the inside end rather from the tail end.

There is a pattern followed by the creator and we can only unwind when the FUNDAMENTALS are followed. This holds true in our lives as well. God created us and designed us in a particular fashion. Most often our lives gets messed and tangled because we do not understand the fundamentals. We do not take time to know what Gods word teaches us about us, about who we are. We pull the wrong end and we find ourselves in knots!

The Process of Getting out of the Mess

Just like how I struggled to untangle the wool, we all fight our way out through out our life. I was just imagining if there were two or three more bundles messed together! Whoaaa…. It would have been frustrating!!! That’s exactly what happens in our daily lives. We are ourselves messed with our own weaknesses, we encounter so many others who have messed up their lives! What a knotted mess we keep forming!

The process of unlearning old habits, unlearning wrong fundamentals is quite difficult and it makes one go through a lot of struggle. At the same, its a process of learning virtues like patience, perseverance and hope~!

The entire process is not easy, takes a long time and doesn’t happen overnight.

But in my experience, the prerequisites for getting out of the mess are –

  • To Accept the Truth that we are in a mess – Many do not see that there is a problem, many cannot accept the bitter truth about violating the fundamentals. This is the toughest phase of all, because this can only come from a heart of humility!
  • An Intent for Change – This is the most common, everyone wants to change the situation, everyone intends to have a better life.
  • A Plan of Action – This is something very relative, and varies from individual to individual (Seeking help and advice’s at this stage is useful)
  • Patiently wait for Results – This will help one sustain and persevere during the tough times, even when nothing goes right!

In the entire process, most often we learn about ourselves and we encounter the power of God, we begin to develop the personal relationship with Christ and we seek to rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Ready for Use

The process is not just important because it makes us better, it is important because we are ready for the purpose for which the creator created us!

The messed tangled bundle of wool is gonna help my aged grandma from the cold winter chills in the form of a scarf~!

It not just ok to remain untangled and free, it is always very vital for us to become an useful instrument in the hands of the one who created and designed us!

Untangle and be ready for use!


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