The Fundamental of Equality

I’ve been thinking about getting this posted since a long time, however I just get to do this tonight.

My previous post talked a little bit about the mess we can create with our lives. While, there are many kinds of issues we face day in day out which may look quite complex – solutions to them actually might be as simpler as getting a check on our fundamentals!

Facebook has revolutionized mass media, a few months ago there was the digital India campaign and every profile pic was colored (similar to the profile pic change for celebrating gay rights or the France attacks!). People hoped that the Prime Minister is going to bring about a revival in the country. He is the one who will make all things right.. Slowly after a week or so, the confidence of the people fell right down. The messages for the prime minister went up from praise, down to mocking his strategy!!

As I was thinking about the craze, the media and people around. Something was running across my mind and I just created the below pictographs


Subconsciously all of assign values to people we see – we see others as great or small, rich or poor, competent or non competent. Probably we are judging each one around us based on our own beliefs, values and attitudes.

And our judging results in the way we feel, act and behave!

We feel inferior when we see someone better that us

We feel proud when other fail and we succeed

We feel intimidated by someone who has achieved public success

We neglect those who cannot help us?! We network with those who can be of some use to us?

We believe a good leader will save us from the miseries of life…

All of the above statements can run into pages… We are looking around ourselves – we are comparing ourselves with someone out there each and every-time! Our emotions are driven out of this comparison, so are our actions!

The fundamental TRUTH is that – we are all EQUAL no matter what responsibilities we hold, no matter the social status, no matter who we are! Very deceptively, the fundamental of equality has been adulterated by our limited human beliefs and values which is creating mess across families and cultures and the human race!

Everything starts at home – a child is born, he is told he is superior from the time he even starts hearing correctly! He is time and again told how better he is , he is great and others? Alternatively, elsewhere children are told how they cannot be different from others – every child has to be the rank 1 in the school, he/she has to outperform and compete! (My aim is not to kill the competitive spirit).

The repercussions of this teaching, the misunderstanding of equality is huge!

The fundamental of EQUALITY is confused with SIMILARITY

Everything begins at the home –  Husband and wife are equal in the sight of God but with different responsibilities. Today feminist around the world are talking about equality but fighting for similarity! The damage is visible – broken homes.

Children – One child is a fast learner, the other slow – parents bully the child to become like the other! Both the children need to be equal to the parents, while they can be different!

The ingredients of different homes is the soup that forms the societies around us!

We are all different, we were made different, we ought to enjoy our difference while we know that we aren’t any superior or inferior to others. We are unique and yet equal! This fundamental opens our eyes to enjoy ourselves without comparing with others!

We can truly enjoy this truth when we understand our worth in God our creator who made us all so uniquely different, yet equal!…. It is beautiful to enjoy freedom we have when we let this truth sink in our hearts!

Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”



The fundamental of insignificance awaits my next post!




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