Individual is to society what cell is to life!

Cell is the basic unit of life

Cell is the basic unit of life

As a primary class student most of us might have repeated this sentence while learning science. Well I have no intention to make this a science post.

How often we’ve forgotten that cancerous situation happen when a single cell does not function the way it intends to!


We want to change the world

We want to focus macro problems

We are talking about terrorism

We want a society which is free of corruption

We earn for a place which is governed by justice

The recent flooding at Chennai revealed the flaws in the government, the real estate and the related sectors. Each one is blaming the other. However, behind each accusation , behind every infested problem is an INDIVIDUAL who has forbidden the boundaries and made a decision outside the moral framework!

Today we want solutions to major problems, we are constantly pointing out to issues we have no solutions. We are talking so much about issues that surround us and we have no capacity to make a difference.

All major cultures are built on astounding moral frameworks, absolutely logical systems, fundamentally strong legal and judiciary systems. Yet the history tells that everything failed and there is chaos time and again disrupting lives!

Most often governments and authorities are dealing with major problems, offering new rules, new acts, updating the laws and regulation. However one thing remains unchanged – the world is witnessing cancerous infections of every kind of evil.

The problem isn’t cancer – the problem is that the cell that is dysfunctional, the cell that is doing something other than what it is intended to do

Heres is a chart I created to understand the basic groups of individuals

Seven Habits Training

We need to live Right (not left of the chart)!

For the society to change, each individual needs to understand their purpose, within a moral framework and work inside out!


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