Today’s Lesson a Goal for the Year

Holiday ends, and I was ready to get back to work however as usual I could not get up early – A resolution I break even without making 😦

It was 7:10 am and the phone rang, my cab had come and I was down by 7:16 but my cab mate had moved the cab due to a personal rivalry. The week before my holiday, I was late by 5 minutes and my cab mates kept calling me at-least a minute a call. Annoyed by the calls, in a fit of rage I did loose my temper and said a few unhealthy words!

The lady took it very seriously and made sure to win the battle by moving the cab today without notice! Sure not so good way to start my new year!

A lesson I have been learning since a few years is I CAN ONLY CHANGE MYSELF and CAN NEVER change the way people think, respond or act!

While, I could have wasted time thinking how mean they could be, or tried and argued with the transport team about how it was not right! But all these are dependent on someone else whom I can not control.

But its worth spending a few minutes of what I can change about myself, what went wrong with me. First mistake – I need to learnt o control my temper and communicate with gentleness. Secondly – I seem to be a yearning for a disciplined life, however it never comes easy for me!

I just calmed my mind, resolved to get up a little early (well another try) and went in cooked my lunch and booked an Uber cab and went to office reading a book I wanted to finish!

Sums up my goal for the rest of the year – I am going to focus on what I can do, rather than focusing on the many many concerns!

Looking forward to 2016!!

Happy New Year 🙂


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