Growth a sign of Life!

I harvested my only plant growing at my balcony during the holiday season.. I got so much greens which I couldn’t use due to lack of time, and I have my berries being sun dried for some curry which I hope to make at the least!

I cut the plant, there was no leaf left.. The top soil had eroded, the roots were visible. I just left the plant, I thought it would die and when I find time I would refill the pot with new soil and sow new seeds waiting in my store room..

I forgot about the plant, got busy again with the routine and doing a 12 hour shift makes me ineffective with all the chores at home.

This morning at 7 AM when I was just about to leave home, my eyes caught attention of the fresh green leaves soaked in the morning dew! I thought I cut it and let it die, but it was growing?? The words I mumbled inside was “Growth is a sign of Life”


I cut it down, I dint nurture it with manure nor with soil! But it has life and it survived!

As I reflect, sometimes as human beings and individuals we are struck down by life’s fierce situations, plagued by Satan’s dirty tricks, sometime we are unaware like Job of the bible as to why certain events happen in our life!

I am sure everyone will accept that “Growth is the sign of Life”

But when I ask people what is growth – they falter for words, some know what they want, some are unsure if they can say what they term as Growth!

When I ask people what is life – it gets even complicated! They wish I had never got into a conversation with them!

As a firm believer in the Biblical Worldview – The bible says that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6)

And here is a Pictogram I created to help explain how it works!!

Growth is the sign of Life!

May we grow in Christ each day!


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