That Didn’t Fit Right!

I was strolling across the streets of Trimulghery (The shopping street closest to my neighborhood) last weekend for some essential shopping since our wallet had almost dried up after the holiday season…

My mind was pacing with pictures of a professional look with good trousers, a neat shirt and good belt and a pair of NEW shoes for my meeting with our super boss! My heart missed a beat when I passed Mochi – the prices would not be affordable with a dried wallet I thought to myself.

I hadn’t let go of the idea of having NEW formal shoes though, as we passed by a small shoe store. I let myself in and bought a pair of shoes which looked absolutely professional, it was like food for the hungry..! It wasn’t too expensive, before I could try them or know if I could carry myself in those shoes I had them billed and payed!


The dawn of the Monday morning after a hectic weekend brought me to the reality of dressing up for the meeting! I was sleepy, tired, all at the same time prepared for the meeting with the super boss for some clarity during times of uncertainty! My cab was waiting to take me, and I quickly put on the new shoes and rushed down through the elevator.

I reached office and as I started walking towards the elevator, reality showed its ugly face. My broad toes dint fit well into the new shoes, the shoe wasnt dancing along with my heel, my trousers kept coming in between my shoes and the heel… Awwwww… I sensed I would have funny gait with those absolutely professional looking shoes!

I managed to get to my seat and start work throwing my shoes off my legs, and as the time for the meeting neared I wondered how I would get into the board room.. The shoe was just too uncomfortable to walk and I had to take extra effort to walk well, and put a deceptive smile on my face like everything was ok – when it was not!

Just a shoe wouldn’t make a difference as long as it looks professional I thought! But I was sooo wrong about it! The entire day was made miserable, I couldn’t walk comfortably, I carried an unnecessary burden all the day!

A lot of experience, some past lessons, and an effort to know the difference between what fits right and what doesn’t is the key to making choices!

Sometimes its just the lack of thoughtfulness of the consequences that makes us make choices that don’t fit well, but leaves us with lasting regret! I won’t be wearing those shoes again, but definitely next time wouldn’t make another poor choice!

A little thoughtfulness and lot of awareness can go a long way to make choices that fit well!

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4 thoughts on “That Didn’t Fit Right!

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    1. Yes, if we can only calm ourselves and hear that still silent voice speaking to us… Its beautiful.. Thank you for stopping by and your encouraging words.


  1. I dread new shoes. Even though a proper fit, I always end up with shoe bites or sore feet. I can then imagine what a misfit could have done to your day. Enjoyed reading your post.

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