In the end….

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Says Solomon the wise man in Ecclesiastes 7:8

Today we collected Jessica’s report card for her first academic year of her life. Those of you who know her, know her health and also her absentism due to both her health and the distance from home to school.

Last week the school conducted a ceremony where children who got above 70% were awarded distinction and above 80% were given honors. As parents, we weren’t really sure if she would get the certificate and we were worried she would be disappointed. However she’s got distinction in her final exams with a score of 86/100.

What really caught our attention was her teachers remarks on her report that she has progressed very well.. we thank the Lord for making Jessica the way he intends her to be.

As a family this academic year was very tough for us, there were many times we were perplexed, and Jessica’s excellence comes as a sure sign that we need to carry on, putting our best foot forward despite the struggles, challenges and storms we face.

The end is more important…. This makes me stretch the post to think about our fleeting life on earth.. we all have different beginnings. We start in a palace or just in rags… Does it really matter? How are we gonna end… In heaven or hell??




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