Oil Wasted!

Last week was filled with a lot of people at home, my kitchen was over used, food, fun and some good fellowship. We had family gatherings for my Father-in-law and my daughters birthday at home.

I am super glad about getting back to some cooking at my kitchen after not being active for  a while. I have learnt from my husbands family about having well planned celebrations with planning to-do lists and well defined program sheets. Everything went well absolutely near perfect both the days as per the plan.

Last night, as I finished my daughters birthday celebration and was clearing the thrash outside something very strong struck me as I noticed oil seeping from the garbage bags and having messed the entire place.

I fried fish, and the left over oil I do not usually use but there is a way to dispose it. In the hurry amidst all the birthday celebrations, I threw the hot oil into the plastic garbage bag, it melt the bag and the oil started seeping, and the whole place was messed.

Very strikingly, I had done the same blunder of disposing the oil a few days ago on my father in law’s birthday. I emptied the fried oil which had all the masala into my kitchen sink and let water wash it out. That was such a foolish thing, I did out of anxiety to get my kitchen cleared before the clock strikes 7 and before guests start coming in. And that led to blocking my sink, and lucky enough I had my maid who kind of put some sticks to clear the entire passage. It was all a mess.

Bringing the two incidents together, I knew God talks to me in the smallest of the small happenings. As I began to quieten myself, I knew God was telling me something. I was very satisfied both the days because all my guests had no complaints and everyone left home without complaints. However the experience with oil was something I alone experienced and I know what a mess it has been.

I wasn’t able to sleep, then I was asking myself what does oil refer to in the Bible. And I knew I wasn’t prepared for what God was trying to tell me.

For us, oil is a common word we use it for cooking mostly and use them as fuel lubricants majorly. But in the Bible, oil prepared from various ingredients in particular form has been used for anointing the priests, for sacrifices and during prayers in the old testament or the old covenant by the Israelite’s  as commanded by God as recorded in Exodus 30:22-38

When God gives detailed instructions it is because of a purpose, and when we read carefully the passage it is said that the oil is not to be poured on any ORDINARY BODY and it is considered HOLY.

And now OIL is usually symbolic to The Holy Spirit in the New Testament, we can see it in the parable of the ten virgins and as oil used to anoint in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is anointed to make one Holy and to be able to do the good work of God.

The Bible has a pointed stern commandment recorded in Ephesians 4:30 – And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. There is something to this grieving of the Holy Spirit, ain’t it? When we are saved, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, as we grow when our self/flesh/carnal desires overpower the spirits that’s when there is grieving probably. Though we may be saved, though we have been saved we may be grieving the spirit by not letting the Spirit do its work, but by working on our own strengths.

Well, got the connection?? I did everything well, out of my own strengths for the celebrations at home, but the little oil that I dint use properly or dispose properly had actually messed up a lot. This leaves me thinking that I need to focus on growing in my relationship with Christ and work in the power of Spirit, I cannot let the busyness of the world grieve the Holy Spirit within me. I had written about my recent experience with the voice of God about having back my first love however I haven’t been able to spend time in his presence as decided. I want to experience him in ways that I cannot comprehend, I do not want to grieve the Spirit, I want to enjoy his presence all the days of my life.

Oh Lord you have invested in me;

Let me not let my life be wasted!



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