Don’t quit when its messy!



The toughest part of summer vacations is to keep children engaged productively without giving too much into their tantrums. And a good way I thought was to engage my girl Jessica with a craft project, well that’s a little selfishness from my end😜

So the first task for the craft project involved painting pop sticks… And today we began painting and it was all good. By the time we arrived at our third color, my little Hannah pulled the newspaper we used to protect the floor from being painted. The paint and the water ran over and the entire floor was messed up!

Jessica was all angry with Hannah for having messed up, she complained about Hannah endlessly.  Jessica was so annoyed and said now we have to throw away everything… She was so unhappy until I just made a choice of turning the mess into a fun game and we all painted with our hands instead of painting with the brush we dumped all the sticks together and painted then with our hands.. and then took a good shower. I dint mind too much about the mess, because it could be cleaned up and then all the mess was required/NECESSARY for the project I was headed to…..

It suddenly struck me that it’s the same reaction like Jessica’s, we all give when situations get messed, when we dont know whats happening around us! And then I had this song on my mind and sang and taught Jessica, while we painted the remaining sticks!

He’s still working on me;

To make me what I ought to be.

It took him just a week to make the moon and the stars;

The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.

How loving and Patient he must be!

He’s still working on me!!

Most often when we go through tough situations in life and we are beyond confused, most often like my little girl we want to just pack up, throw everything away and curl into a hole called depression, or stress, or failure.. We do have many names!

That’s exactly where we need to sing this song out loud! When God is making us to be who we are, there are times we will traverse roads unknown, some unfamiliar paths, sometimes through fire and deep waters. We can enjoy the journey through all of life with all its uncertainties and situations when we can trust that He has a BEAUTIFUL PLAN and that he’s weaving something out of all our situations!

He works on us, especially when we are going through tough situations! He molds us to be more like him each day! Every single situation would be worth experiencing when we joyfully accept God’s plan and his sovereignty over every thing!

Don’t quit!

When you walk through fire, know that God knows your name;

When you walk through waters, know that he has something beautiful at the end;

When you are beyond confused and cannot understand, know that God is in control;

When we can make no difference, when we have no role to play, be still and know that he is God!

And, the beauty lies in the humility that develops in us as a result of all the situations we go through trusting God. In contrast, if we do not understand and Trust God and his significance we will becomes rebellious, proud and unknowingly make bigger messes which can be irrevocable!

It is all about trusting that big big big sovereign, majestic God and not rebelling, its in staying calm under his care, it’s in the beauty of the meekness it produces! It’s about getting rid of self and its strong headed will, its about letting go of the need for control and letting God have his way!

Don’t quit, he’s still working on you!

After a couple of messy days, the outcome was this!



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