Journey and Destination

The hills surrounding Araku valley, Vizag, India

Nothing delights me more than nature, and when its a holiday across the mountains going up and down, through the wild trees, the enthralling views up the hill or down the valley – are the things I love.  I love the fresh air brushing through my face, I dont mind hurting my neck, and constantly gaze through the windows.

We had a short trip to Araku with the extended family last weekend and it was a complete package of fun, food and nature! Firsst time, we traveled with my second daughter who is a year old. I felt I’ve grown old this time around, I was able to say “no” to many things I would have once spruced with excitement just on hearing words like beach, museum, caves, walk, etc. Rather I chose otherwise to stay back with my little girl doing nothing but sit quietly and enjoy her company.

I always choose the window seat, when we take bus/ train to the hills anywhere, and I love the seat close to the driver because it gives a better view. As we drove through the hills I noticed something common but it made a lot of sense to me this time. I looked as far as I could until my eyes hurt, somewhere beyond the hills is the destination we all were looking forward to.

What I noticed was that, I could see only a small portion of the road and I dont exactly know when there will be bends, when we will climb another hill, how many more sharp bends, and narrow tunnels to pass before I reach my destination.


I could choose to worry about all those things that could exist along the way, and miss out on the wonderful experience of the thrill at each steep bend, or just look out and enjoy the beauty of nature and the creation, or watch the frantic monkeys, the tall oak trees or listen to the sound of a water fountain somewhere between the woods and just enjoy the beauty of the “present moment”.

I saw the drivers hand in action, twisting and turning the steering wheel as he ripped through the hills. All of us, sit through the bus even without realizing we trust the driver to take us safely to the destination. Also, I realized that there is a path that is already paved and clearly marked to take us to the destination and probably a known guide/driver is better than an unknown traveler.

The same analogy applies to our lives, most often we are either under the pile of past disappointments or we crumble under the weight of future engagements and miss the precious moments of today!

Remember, we have a road that is already laid – its the Calvary road where Jesus paid for my every sin. I just need to trust him and know he is driving me to the other shore. Our wisdom, and knowledge is very limited in this vast, huge world of so many “unknowns”. It’s best to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to whisper to us the road we need to take.


Life becomes simpler when we view – Life as a journey; Hope for eternity; Trust the guide; And enjoy every moment that we come across


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