Scattered clouds

The weather seems very unpredictable at Hyderabad since the last month. Sometimes its raining and sometimes its windy and most of the time really, really hot.

Studying the sky from my balcony has become my favorite hobby. I see the huge black clouds and know its raining in some parts of the city, I hear the birds chirp and know its time for the sun to set. The noise of the dangling cans hung from my balcony grill lets me know there’s a mighty breeze sweeping over my neighborhood. When it rains, I know I cannot see the bright blue sky!

But, the scattered clouds are exclusive, they do not bring rains, they do not signify much but they do look beautiful – a patch here and a patch there and the entire sky is filled.

My mind like the sky, has been covered with scattered thoughts. It looks clouded but isn’t raining, nor windy, nor anything fruitful has ever been achieved with my scattered thoughts.

Five months of the year 2016 are over, my goals for the year look un-achievable at the most. I peep into my mind and see there are a lot of scattered thoughts, some about my faith, some about my health, some about my goals, some about my relationships, some about my responsibilities, some assumptions about others, some judgement, a few convictions and many many thoughts.

All the varied thoughts are not bad in itself, they are intentions of my heart and can bring a lot of good. Thoughts that are varied can be very stressful at the same time, contradictory emotions of various kinds can leave me clouded and heavy.

Thoughts, ideas, plans, intentions- all of this have have the ability to flood my surrounding with goodness. For that to happen, they need to coalesce and the only unifying force I see is when I bring all of them under the submission of God’s will. 

God’s will can never be outside how Jesus sums up the entire law and the prophets in just two commandments –

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

My thoughts/intentions/plans in light of these commandments unifies my goals and lets me know if I am either self centered or under the authority of my creator.



2 thoughts on “Scattered clouds

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  1. Well said🙂 Life is difficult some days as we wait upon directions from our Lord🤔
    I’m beginning to realize that it’s about taking one day at a time and just focus on Him for the guidance as we go😛 Tough walking by faith and not by sight.
    If you get a minute check my video on Godsfruitful “walking by faith and not by sight”😊
    Take care🙂🛡🗡🎈

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