Visiting my sister’s house turns out to be solving a maze puzzle, gets complicated for the reason that there are so many lanes, and all the cute independent houses looking alike!

Nevertheless, my hubby had cracked the code, last night he took us straight to her house without having to call someone for directions! After having some pleasant conversations and meeting people, while we were returning he was telling me how he figured it all out!

Amidst all the similar houses, there was one house which was painted in an unusual shade of Green which became a landmark for finding which street to enter, which right to go and which made it easy to find the way.

When my husband finished telling me how he cracked the elusive route to a simple one using the green house as a landmark, I immediately blurted in my usual questioning mode – What if the owners of the house changed the paint color?

Well, my husband laughed over it and there was silence in the car!

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In an ever changing world, what happens when the standards are changed?

Well, in this case of finding my sisters house, we would have gone round and round, in and out of the lanes, at the slightest stress we would have reached out for help asking someone to pick us up – kinda simple solution!

What about our journey of life?

What is the purpose of our life?

Where do we want to reach?

Our standards for quality life are – a better job, a big house, a branded car, a luxurious vacation, a glorious name and dynamically our standards keep changing based on what our nearest comparable neighbor has.

We cannot measure success based on changing standards, we need an ABSOLUTE to measure progress, to help us find the way!

Our little sojourn on this land will be very un-fulfilling  and we will be going in rounds, getting so stressed and frustrated if our standards are changing each and every time.

That ABSOLUTE standard is possible only when we put God in the center and pull ourselves out of the center and have HIS words and law as Standards!

What standards do we have for ourselves?


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