You have kept the good wine until now!

at the altar
27th June 2016, Wesley Church

It was a beautiful evening to thank God for all His goodness as my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Everything went as planned, there were not many interruptions except for the fact that there were heavy rains that lashed the city and we had some power cuts in between. Of course my sprained leg, which had me limping all through the day!

I cherished the quiet, beautiful evening service which was beyond what words can describe. To witness that God was there holding onto my parents lives, unfolding the 30 long years and weaving that into a beautiful story.

The best of the evening for me personally was my priest Rev. Justus Moni’s sermon  for the couple and the rest of the gathering. The bible reading was from the passage Philippians 4-4-9

However he started off by saying that the couple don’t look like they were 30 years old, but they were just 30 days old. And he related that with the phrase “You have kept the good wine until now!” from the miracle at Cana recorded in the Bible in John 2:1-12

“You have kept the good wine until now” is a statement made by the master of the banquet of the wedding to the bridegroom when in the end the wine served was tastier than the wine served at the beginning of the wedding. In our usual world, we serve the best first and to the end all gets diluted and tastless. However, in the wedding at Cana as recorded in the Bible, something made the wine tastier in the end. It was the miracle Jesus performed, when the wine was over, Jesus changed water into wine and it was tastier!

The one thing that stood out for in the message was – Jesus had used the water and vessels which were used for CEREMONIAL CLEANSING to convert into wine. And the perspective that our dear pastor brought out was that – Today we all are good at questioning, we all love to say what is right, and find faults, we are people of the law – we tear the law apart to justify our actions and deny the others (so often one does in a marriage). We are all like the ceremonial cleansing water, which points out to our mistakes, but Jesus can turn us into wine. And that is how we can last till the end and taste good!

When Jesus truly comes into our life’s – it is never about who is right, who is wrong. It is all about forgiveness and love. This alone can be the greatest recipe for strong marriages!

“You have kept the good wine until now” can be a claim  when we have Jesus in our lives!



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